Here’s What FounderTips is All About

Foundertips will help you to build and grow your personal brand for your online business.

As a small business owner, you need to be the face of the company.

You need to share your life stories with people so they would be able to relate to you more (build trust which helps you get sales).

And you need to be very smart about marketing to do all of this successfully.

I will help you with these challenges.

Who am I that you should listen to?

Me to the right 😉 P.s. What can I do if the best pic I have is with my girl? 

After selling a web design blog 1stwebdesigner for six figures and building my hobby project Onkizomba to 10K+ followers in less than a year I understood I frikin’ love marketing. 

My definition of time well spent is watching marketing courses or reading books on Copywriting, Psychology, Persuasion. 

I am addicted to studying new marketing gurus like Russel Brunson, Ryan Levesque, Neil Patel, Noah Kahan, Derek Halpern, Ramit Sethi just to name a few…

..as well as old gurus like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Eugene Schwartz.

Then I implement the lessons and share my findings with you. 

Pretty cool, eh?

So don’t be a stranger!

See you around and if you want to talk to me, shoot me an email – dainis@foundertips.com

Also check out my latest project SexualAlpha.com – No B.S. Sex Advice For Men 😉