Hello there.

My name is Dainis Graveris.

If you are wondering why you should listen to my advice when it comes to online course platforms, it’s a GOOD question.

My background for 8 years was with 1stWebDesigner (sold 2 years ago).

Back in 2008..

I finished programming school, then went to web design academy until I understood I ‘m learning more online, so I quit and focused on 1stWebDesigner full-time.

At it’s heights 1WD reached over 2.5 million unique visitors a month, making it one of the top web design sites in the world.

There we created a lot of written content, videos, books.

We used Udemy at first to launch our course, then switched to Teachable. We also tried at one time Sensei, Woothemes path.

It was a while ago and now we have better tools. But I know what it takes to launch a successful course.

I know what tools matter and what doesn’t.

I’ve tried custom paths, I’ve tried 3rd party solutions.

I am myself a WordPress lover and still think it’s the best option for most websites.

However for..online courses – 3rd party now seems much EASIER and FASTER path.


That’s the short backstory.

If you’re curious of more, just read this interview done 3 years ago with me.