DDLG 101: How To Be A Good Daddy Dom & Enforce The Rules

ddlg couple daddy dom with little girl

There is a lot of mystery and misconceptions around DDLG... 👽

But by the time you're done reading this guide, you'll be DDLG expert!👊

If I would need to explain Daddy Dom / Little Girl (DDLG) in one picture this would be it:


adult life little space visualisation

Our lives are way too serious..and adding a fun sexy kink can add lots of spark in our lives!

Enough with the serious stuff!!

In short, DDLG is a BDSM kink, albeit the lighter version than all the bondage, discipline, dominance and submission.. 🙂

According to Wikipedia:

Ageplay or age play is a form of roleplaying in which individual acts or treats another as if they were a different age.”
couple flirting

Here's how this guide is organized:

  • What Is The Meaning and Definition of DD/LG?
  • What is The Little Space?
  • What DDLG is NOT?
  • DDLG rules, punishments and rewards
  • What are the best shops to buy DDLG outfits, accessories and onesies?
  • DDLG Sex: How Do You Behave In The Bedroom?

DDLG: What Is The Meaning and Definition? Let's get to it: DD/LG is an acronym for Daddy Dom / Little Girl. It's basically one of the kinks, that can be sexual (but doesn't need to be).

There are usually two people involved:

  • Daddy Dom — usually male, who takes a dominant role
  • Little Girl (DDLG little) — usually female, who takes a submissive role.

Some people also call it CG/L — CareGiver/Little 🙂

In BDSM this idea is pushed even further where Daddy Dom becomes the caregiver, and little girl becomes childlike.

But it's not purely about dominance and submission.

Daddy Dom's role is that of a lover, not a punisher.

He loves her little unconditionally and wants to take a really good care of her.

He loves her silly, cute behaviors and wants to cherish her little one.

But there are times when he needs to punish her even if his heart is breaking while he does it.

Little Girl's role is complicated.

She is a serious businesswoman who also sleeps with her teddy bear. She is both sexy and cute as she likes to wear naughty lingerie, make ponytails and enjoys tea parties with her stuffies.

Her mood changes quickly, she loves to cuddle, be indecisive and moody. But she knows her Daddy loves her and will always good care of it.

Because of that..sometimes she abuses this love to get something out for herself...

funny animation for people entering ddlg relationships

So as you understand DDLG is a sexy roleplay where couple enters into Age Play and so-called “Little Space” which often involves child-like things like:

  • stuffed animals
  • bed-time stories
  • and..best of all — girls usually kinks like — wearing pink clothing, onesies, pony-tails, or even baby pacifiers
daddy dom little girl holding hands

Believe me, it's tons of fun and a super sexy way to spice up your relationship 😉 (might even be able to use a penis sleeve to add some intensity)

…plus you can change roles sometimes if you desire so 😉

What Is The Little Space?

Little space is where you enter the headspace of careless life away from responsibility full adult world.

In our days, women get more and more responsibilities and men natural dominant role is lessened, so this kink really helps to restore the balance a bit in the relationships.

At work, a woman can be dominant leader, but when she comes home she can play silly, little girl.

In a cute way, she gets the Daddy Dom, the caregiver to take care of her.

ddlg little space bedroom

How to get into little space?

To help your little girl to get into the space, you could:

  • play a dress-up
  • put her favorite little space movie (Willie Wonka anyone?)
  • buy her a teddy bear & make a tea party with the stuffies
  • feed her during the meal-time because she probably is messy by herself
  • sit her on your lap while you play with her hair and rub her back,

Note: If you want even more complete guide including DDLG scene examples, outfits, rules, protocols explained in detail, check out this DDLG definite guide.

What DLDG is NOT?

Since there is not much clear information on DLDG kink, some people mistakenly believe it's encouraging pedophilia, abuse or whatever other horrifying things that comes to mind.

DLDG is nothing like that!


It's a harmless kink, a fantasy that adults like to play between themselves to add spice to their love life, relationships and play out the light BDSM, dominant/submissive roleplay.

You can take it as far as you want:

  • It could be just a fun way for a man to take care of her women, so she feels like a little girl, who gets her all wishes fulfilled away from the care of real life.
  • It could be foreplay before going sexual and it can stop with that
  • It could be full-blown Father/Daughter sex fantasy played out as fathers are often an authority figure in a girl's life and sometimes is a hidden taboo kink in their minds. It all starts with her calling you “Daddy”…

DDLG Rules, Punishments & Rewards

Now when you know what DDLG is and is not, it's time to set some ground rules.

Little girl needs some rules, punishments, and rewards — where is the fun in it otherwise?

Before you start with the roleplay, it's advisable to sit down and write things down and agreed by both parties.

Just in case you should also have a safe word to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

Here are some example DDLG rules for littles:

  • The little girl will always trust and respect the Daddy Dom (caregiver)
  • Always refer to him as a Daddy (or — master, papa, lord, sir)
  • Always refer to her as Little Girl(or — baby girl, angel, darling, princess, bunny)
  • Always be well mannered like “Please” and “Thank You”
  • No talking to strangers
  • Clean your room every day
  • Tell Daddy what's wrong when you're upset
  • Always tell your Daddy when you want to go somewhere
  • Always keep your hair brushed
  • No swearing, no backtalking to your Daddy
  • When your Daddy tells it's bedtime, you must obey (even if it involves a little whining…)
daddy dom with good girl

Here are some example DDLG punishments for littles:

  • early bedtime
  • no electronics for an hour
  • no teddy bear for a bedtime
  • no snacks/chocolate
  • no cuddles with your Daddy
  • spanking when you have been a really bad girl
daddy dom spanking little girl

So what are the DDLG rewards for good behavior?

  • Daddy reads you a bed-time story
  • No chores for a day
  • Have your favorite snack for breakfast
  • Daddy brings you out for a shopping spree (with a budget)
clingy daddy dom conversation

A few sexual rule ideas:

  • No orgasming without permission
  • No touching of your Daddy's or your princess sexy parts without Daddy's permission first
  • Obey your Daddy's commands during sex (remember the safe word if things escalate too far)
  • Always tell if you're uncomfortable with something sexual he asks from you (even if you actually find it super sexy, little complaining never hurt anybody ;))

I know it's a lot to think about.

But I made a quick role-map you can refer back to:

And remember…

Daddy isn't always right, but Daddy's word is always final unless the Little Angel can convince otherwise…

white dog giving high five for ddlg rules

Oh…Watch this video to see how DDLG can look like…coming from a pro DDLG player:

What are the best shops to buy DDLG outfits, accessories from?

Obviously, since guys are playing grownups they can usually just stick to their suits, but for ladies…

…there is a lot of room to explore!

Below is a general look of suggestions for the best places to explore, but if you want to just browse through the best-selling, most popular choices on all the DDLG gear you could ever want — check here.

#3 — First of all, there's always Amazon!

ddlg sexy outfits for little girl

The good keywords to use are:

  • “ABDL outfits for women”,
  • “adult baby onesie”
  • “adult baby onesies for women”
  • “abdl skirt”

And as for the color — you can never go wrong with PINK 🙂

Note: Here's a thorough selection of the most popular DDLG outfits, that I compiled after surveying DDLG fans 🙂

ddlg outfits on amazon

The next place to look for super cool accessories is:

#2— DDLG Accessories and Outfits on ETSY

Surprisingly DDLG is super big on Etsy.

You'll find everything starting from clothing, onesies, lingerie to necklaces, collars, and pacifiers!

These would make a really nice, kinky gifts as well 🙂

I'm getting my girlfriend some!

ddlg accessories outfits etsy

Then as you dig deeper there are 3 different marketplaces specialized on DDLG outfits you could check:

#1— DDLG Playground

They've got it all starting from clothing, accessories to even house & home items, toys…even pet outfits (bunny, anyone? 🙂

beautiful women in ddlg clothes

DDLG Sex: How Do You Behave In The Bedroom?

It's up to you how far you bring this 🙂

The sky is the limit!

passionate little girl wanting sex

But know that Daddy Dom is a lifestyle, not a role play! 🙂

If you are naturally dominant, confident in real life it will naturally move to your sexual life as well.

The only warning though would be to talk about these things up front so you know how far you can go.

Also, remember that being a dominant in bed DOESN'T just mean telling her what to do. In truth, it's also about paying attention to her and fulfilling her desires WITHOUT asking.

With that out of the way:

  • Daddy Dom doesn't need to ask her questions. He knows what she wants by listening to her.
  • Daddy Dom knows exactly what and how he wants especially inside the bedroom. He is in charge of the situation, the Little one only needs to surrender and enjoy the ride.
  • Daddy Dom is playful, seductive and he knows when to ramp things up and when to step back

And a few dom phrases to get you started:

  • Did I say you could stop?
  • Excuse me?
  • Now.
  • That wasn't a suggestion
  • Did you just say no?
  • Wanna say that again?
  • Don't make a sound

In my opinion, DDLG gets the most exciting if you play it from the beginning to the end.

The Little Space and roleplay can be great foreplay and a way to spice up your love life!

Just remember to communicate and have fun!

Little Bonus: A Special Handy Daddy Dom / Little Girl Characteristics Map!

Since you read till the end I wanted to reward you… 🙂

It's a handy map that you can look at to help you remind yourself of good Daddy Dom & Little Girl characteristics.

Download it as a image or here's a free PDF (right click: Save as)

ddlg daddy dom map

This guide is only a start, but remember this:

Polarity is the secret to lasting passionate relationships.

Both D/S play and DDLG naturally enhance these qualities.

P.S. If you enjoyed this guide, please pass it along to someone else who would benefit from it. I would appreciate it a lot. Also I have an awesome guide on the best pocket pussy you can check out as well.

You rock!

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