Forced Orgasm Play 101: The Beginner’s Guide in 2019

man preparing for forced orgasm play

Forced orgasms are when you get your consenting partner to reach involuntary orgasm with the help of bondage, ropes and usually a Hitachi magic wand. In this guide you'll learn what forced orgasm is, how to do it, the tools you need for effective orgasm bondage…

And finally I've collected collected people forced orgasm stories for an inspiring a real-life erotica.


There are great tips hidden inside those stories though!

Here's the best description of orgasm denial done right:

“Tell her she can’t do anything and you’ll have your way with her.
Touch everywhere, thighs, feet, butt, sides, boobs. Deny the pussy as long as you can.
Go slow, tease her. She’ll be soaking wet. Fuck her. Go slow.
Right when she’s on the brink of orgasm, stop, leave her, and get a divorce.”

Source: jidery

woman after post orgasm torture

What Is A Forced Orgasm & How Does It Feel Like?

Here's Wikipedia's definition:

“In the context of consensual BDSM, a forced orgasm is a form of orgasm control, whereby the active partner sexually stimulates the consenting partner until involuntary orgasm is achieved, with the consenting partner being unable to control the onset and intensity of orgasm.
The consenting partner would be put in physical restraints to increase the feeling of helplessness, and deprive him or her of the ability to control their orgasm.”

So your partner does give initial consent to give up control, and yes, there is a safe word you could use…

person in handcuffs for orgasm torture

But the attraction and pleasure comes from giving up control. From the power dynamics — dominance & submission.

If you normally control exactly how you please yourself, where you touch yourself…
Here your partner decides, and if he's a good partner he will tease you like crazy… He'll get you close to orgasming and then stop.

While forced orgasms are very popular for women there is also forced ejaculation play for men alike.

Further down the line you can include even things like a chastity cage & belts to make the act even longer. For those who want some solo play, you can just get a blowjob machine.

I've actually invested over 50 hours of research to discover the best cock cages and making side-by-side comparison chart:

best cock cages for orgasm torture

With cock cage you would prevent the male partner from ever touching himself unless the dominant gives the permission.

So in reality it's a mix of different BDSM plays: orgasm control, then orgasm denial, ruining the orgasm… till finally making it happen.

Who thought that orgasm torture could be that pleasurable?

woman screaming about ruined orgasm

Why & What People Enjoy About Forced Orgasms?

Here's how other people describe it:

“It’s the power.”

“I love it when my wife has had 6 or so orgasms and begs me to stop.

Then I take her over the edge again.

I’m in control of her body.”

Source: laidback9971

“The power of control. Power exchange is needed.”

“Heck, doesn’t even have to be sexual to get a kick out of power and control.

But yeah controlling someone’s orgasms is awesome.

My bf and I are switches and I’ve always been an easy “orgasmer”.

Multiple, all that Jazz.

But…one of my best and most fulfilling orgasms was the one he gave me after he denied me for some time.

I had never been denied and had to hold back, so when he allowed me after building me up and making me come to the edge and have to hold it, once I came-omg.

So powerful. So the opposite is great too.”

Source: MsPennyP

woman silencing and denying orgasm

“I enjoy orgasm denial as well as control.”

“If you’re both interested then by all means, explore it!

It can be very rewarding for both and you might find it very freeing to give up control in that way.

It sounds contradictory but there is freedom to be found in loss of control.”

Source: Anonymous

How To Do It: Helpful Tips & Tools You’ll Need For A Successful Forced Orgasm Play

As in all BDSM play, the first step is communication.

You must discuss what each of you wants to get out of this play, how far he/she thinks he's willing to go..

And yes — the safe word in case you pull the partner over the edge where it's too much.

“You should have a safe word if you’re going to engage in play like orgasm torture.”

“I enjoy orgasm denial quite a bit, but it can become an intense and frustrating experience if you don’t know how much your partner can handle.

It is normal to enjoy such a thing, but really not okay if you did not seek out permission beforehand and set up boundaries.”

Source: sodomize_intolerance

This video is a great explanation of how to use all the tricks in the book to give the submissive the most intense forced orgasm ever:

  • orgasm control
  • ruined orgasm
  • orgasm denial

It's all about the buildup — first is giving up control, then it's to tease, but not give satisfaction… deny orgasm… then ruin it — which feels horrible…

Until finally the bliss:

man with bound hands in post orgasm torture

Tools You’ll Need For A Successful Forced Orgasm Play

Here are the usual tools used:

#1 —bondage, ropes, belts.

Anything that restricts movement.

For a successful orgasm torture it must feel real.

Just get a simple bed restraint kit like this and it will do the job.

bed restraint orgasm denial belts

Learn more here.

#2 — vibrator or a fucking machine

For most people they prefer to use tried and true Hitachi Magic Wand for the job.

This model will last your for years and wireless function opens it up for lots of ideas.

vibrator for forced orgasms

For placement you can either use a forced orgasm belt or simply buy bondage tape (cheaper and better) and tie the vibrator like Hitachi magic wand to your partners leg and leave it there like this:

woman with bondage rope and magic wand tied

#3 — Vibrators With Remote Control

This is not that crazy BDSM type… but these are great for fun public play.

It works well for ladies. 

At home you insert the egg shaped vibrator in the vagina (vibrating panties don't work that well because vibrator doesn't stay in one place).

Then your partner has a remote control or a phone app where he can control the intensity of vibrations of that toy.

A fun way to take advantage and see her squirm and try to hide the sensations.

There are many different options, but the highest quality is Lovense Lush Remote Control Vibrator. You can get Lush 1 for $69 or Lush 2 for $99.

It's the best and proven… especially love the feature to control the vibrator using Internet connection where distance is no longer an issue.

(You can be at home and play with her while she's at work).

lovense lush remote control for orgasm torture

women looking down disappointed

Other People Orgasm Torture Stories for Your Inspiration

And here are tons of stories from real people with tips hidden inside… Enjoy:

“Tease & Denial a.k.a ‘Orgasm Torture’ according to my boyfriend.”

“Tease & denial is a kink that I’ve discovered recently.

It’s pretty much what it sounds like.

I get him hot and bothered but don’t give him any release.

We do that every night for a few days and then when he finally cums, his orgasm is supposed to be super intense from all the built-up sexual tension.

So he gets something out of it too (mind blowing orgasm).

I always tell my bf before I tease him to get his consent.

I don’t surprise him with it.

woman dominating the man with orgasm torture

I’ll say something like “I’ll give you a blowjob tonight, but I’m not going to make you cum. Is that okay with you?”

He loves blowjobs so he can’t resist my offer even though he knows that he won’t get any satisfaction from it.

I give him super slow, teasing blowjobs (or handjobs or both) for around 15 minutes.

Then when his penis is very, very hard (just before he cums), I stop all the stimulation and say “fun’s over babe. goodnight” and I roll over and pretend to go to sleep.

I love his reactions at this point. It’s the best part.

He begs me to let him finish, says “please, please, please ‘I’ll do anything! ANYTHING! please just let me cum”.
It’s completely adorable.

I’ve gotten him to agree to a couple of very ridiculous things during this time, but since I’m a nice gf, I generally don’t take advantage of his desperation.

Some nights, he will literally beg for 20 minutes straight.

I do feel sorry for him so I have to fight the urge to give in!

So anyway, after a few nights of this, I eventually let him cum, but it’s unpredictable.

I might tease him for two nights or ten. It just depends on my mood.

Yesterday, after I made him cum, we were cuddling and he called my kink “torture” which I thought was funny.

I asked him if he likes it and he said he loves it and hates it at the same time.”

Source: Badgirlgonegoodx

woman sharing her forced orgasm story

“Forced Orgasm Story”

“One of my old boyfriends and I were playing with rope, he tied my legs and my arms to the bed and kept me up all night playing with me.

I come pretty easily so after a little while it became almost torture-ish.

You just stop thinking after a while and just turn into a sweaty, withering heap.

I’d just punished for begging, for moving, for making noise…

So amazing I still think back and instantly get turned on.

Or when he made me wear a butt plug and drove us over crazy potholed roads.

Or spanked me with that in front of people. Ughhh”

Source: b_l_ah

woman discussing the danger of forced orgasm

“Is forced orgasm torture dangerous?”

“So, I heard/read about cases, where a person died after about like 40 orgasms in a row — simply too exhausted.

Also, people with some heart issues might have some problems with really strong and long orgasms.

If you’re a healthy person tied to a sybian or another fucking machine, left there for a few minutes after orgasm, it probably won’t cause you much danger, apart from it being uncomfortable.

With such practices though, I would rather keep watching the tied person in order to intervene, if something bad happens.

Might be too tight bondage, cramps, or anything.”

Source: Tickle-my-nipple

tattooed woman with sunglasses

Tips For Starting Out With The Orgasm Control: How To Be More Dominant

How to be more dominant while giving cunnilingus…vanilla forced orgasm:

#1 — Women receiving oral sex will often move their hips around a bit.

Prevent her from doing that by locking your arms over her hips and holding her down.

#2 — Gentle biting of the inner thighs.

#3 — Make her request permission before she is allowed to orgasm.

Sometimes, let her come as soon as she asks.

At other times, make her beg.

Make it so that she can’t predict whether you will let her come right away or not.

#4 — If you’re not allowing her to orgasm right away, doesn’t mean you should stop stimulating her.

Continue to lick and stimulate her.

Make her hold off her orgasm by force of will.

#5 — When you do finally let her come, she should thank you.

#6 — If you later want to get a little more advanced, you can restrain and blindfold her.

Not only does that make her helpless, the lack of visual stimulus makes her focus more on sensation.

One of my ex-girlfriends really liked it when I would restrain her, blindfold her and put noise cancelling headphones on her and then play with her.

Deprivation of senses other than sensation = nice.”

Source: maleslut_

orgasmic man holding hand in air

Bringing It All Together

I hope I helped to demystify orgasm control play and now you have plenty of ideas how to make it happen in your own bedroom!

It's kinky as hell and amazing thing to do from time to time to spice things up in your sex life.

Dominance & Submission — polarity is the key to successful relationships. 🗝

Orgasm control is the perfect play to get to polarity.

Do try it… Stay safe and have fun! 🍷

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