Fingering 101: How To Finger A Girl PROPERLY

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Fingering is an incredible way to add variety to your love life. Learning how to finger a girl the right way is a skill that doesn't come like that - it must be practiced.

While you'll learn the best manual techniques, you'll quickly notice that your fingers go limp fast, which is the reason why I recommend to get a rabbit vibrator that will hit the right spot effortlessly. The great thing with toy is that you are still driving the thing, but the work gets a lot easier. She's squirming in your hands and you're enjoying the process vs working hard.


Oh, you're in for the treat.

When you're done with this guide, you'll know exactly how to finger a girl to get her pussy dripping wet — no fucking machines necessary.

And since every woman is different I actually compiled the best fingering techniques between many people.

So you can just cherry-pick (or heck, try them all) between these.

Oh…and if you wanna keep going further, I also have excellent pussy eating guide and squirting guide.

What you might have not known is that actually with some work you could make her squirt during fingering 😉

But first things first — fingering is actually the easiest thing to learn to give her orgasms.

It's also great for the foreplay… all in all —


And you should too! 🍒

Here's what we're gonna cover:

  • The Best Fingering Techniques From Experienced Men and Women
  • Do guys actually enjoy fingering their girl?
  • Guys: Do you get hard while fingering or eating out a girl?

So first part will be for both men and women 😉

2nd and 3rd will explain how guys feel about fingering… 😉

Let's jump in:

fingering positions for fast orgasm

#1 — The Best Fingering Techniques From Fingering Experts (and some go-to toys)

There are manual ways of fingering and a lot easier way with sex toys.

Toys help you become fingering master overnight and let you work way less while giving her a lot more pleasure.

It's good to know the manual way, but you'll quickly notice how numb your fingers get…and how hard the work gets.

Now my go to fingering toy is a rabbit vibrator…

It gets more results with less work.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I review each product thoroughly and recommend only the very best.
⚠️ Vital: Don’t buy sexual wellness products on Amazon. You won’t get a warranty and chances are high you’ll get counterfeit product that is lower quality and from possibly toxic materials. Instead buy from original creators or from trusted sources we’ve identified.

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator (Our Pick ⭐) — $89.99

This is the ultimate sex toy.

This 50 Shades of Grey inspired G-spot rabbit vibrator ($90 range) is a serious orgasm bringer (and your secret fingering weapon)

Squirt Toy: Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Amazing investment to blow her mind (find more on Lovehoney here) 😉

It’s a rabbit G-spot vibrator that has 2 powerful motors. One for the rabbit ears (clitoris) and second for the shaft (G-spot stimulation).

In total there are 36 possible vibration combinations that you can test through to find the one she likes the best.

Here’s how it looks in action:

Also, sometimes you might want to not use vibrations at all. Or just use shaft vibrations or just clitoral vibrations — there are two separate buttons that allow to control each motor separately.

When using it, make sure you don’t just pull the toy in and out. Let her instruct you on the spot and then simply keep pressing up and down or a little bit back and forth.

The toy is made from quality silicone material and may not be the most silent… but if all goes well, she will be screaming and moaning louder than the toy anyway.

You might even get to squirting orgasms with this one.

Power Play G-spot Vibrator (Budget Pick) — $29.99

While the most squirting success comes from either the Greedy Girl or nJoy Pure Wand, sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for anything more than 30 bucks.

Squirt toy: Power Play G-spot Vibrator

This is an affordable body-safe silicone toy that has curved shape with vibrations, which gives it certain advantages.

If vibrations is her thing, this might be even better than PureWand.

However the downside of this toy is that it isn’t as heavy as the Wand, so it might not be strong enough to hit that G-spot hard enough.

Nevertheless the curve will hit the spot and toy is slim enough to let you test the waters.

Check out this video to see the toy in action. It’s not the exact model, but a replica of it (that has been discontinued), but it will give a clear idea of how this G-spot toy works:

nJoy Pure Wand: The Upgrade Pick ($129)

People keep talking about the sorcery and magic of Njoy Pure Wand.

It looks so simple, yet somehow it keeps delivering squirting orgasms even to the non-believers!

nJoy Pure Wand used to have a squirting pussy

This metal thing and prostate toy has been guilty of countless women squirting orgasms (and for men — prostate orgasms).

Oh...and if you want to give her a luxury experience this new toy Lelo Soraya Wave with its Wave motion both vibrates and nicely, yet subtly targets the G-spot. Check our review of the exact experience.

I'll let you ponder about the toys, but now let's move to manual techniques:

Wanna give your woman the best fingering ever?

“Last night my boyfriend did this to me for the first time ever… and holy fuck.

Place 2 fingers inside of her on on her g-spot.

Then put pressure on it from the outside, slightly above her mound. Then rub her g-spot.

Holy hell. I had tears rolling down my face, I came instantly every time he started and kept coming until he stopped.

He would give me a break, then do it again.

After the 3rd one, when I was laying there panting and wiping the tears off of my face, he says to me with a sly grin, “Let me know when you want another.”

This is also great for if she wants to go for a round and you’re too tired.”

Source: NicksDirtySlut

happy woman with fingered pussies

The Fingering Tips Coming From An Experienced Girl…

“So there seems to be a common misconception about fingering and finger fucking with guys and yes, some women as well.

The following is my experience only, and as always your mileage may vary.

We’re all different so I can only report on what I see/ like or what those I talk to do.

Also, this post is largely aimed at helping out 20-something guys who are wanting to learn more about how to be a pleaser for their partner.

First, clean, neatly trimmed nails only please.

Do not believe the fake lesbian porn you see with gigantic fake nails, no one actually wants to get all cut up.


The goal is NOT to stuff your fingers in there as quickly as you can.

Believe me, none of those parts are going anywhere and they’ll still be around in 10 minutes.

I’ve lost count of the number of times a guy has gone down my pants with his hand, right past the clit, to stuff fingers inside me.

I’m usually not wet enough for that yet.

Many women (most in my experience) want to be “teased up” to that.

We don’t need to be stuffed like a Christmas turkey right away.

Take your time and make us want it…

When we feel wet on the outside- it’s a better bet that we are ready for inside play.

As far as inside play, I’ll let you in on another secret.

I do not now, nor will I ever think your fingers are a substitution for your dick.

They are there for different functions.

Although I enjoy a good finger fuck from time to time, I’d prefer an actual penis for fucking personally.

So- just mashing those fingers back and forth inside me is very “meh”.

I WILL tell you that fingers move around for a reason… while she is laying on her back if you lightly rub the “roof” of her vag, you’ll be playing with and around her G-Spot which is INFINITELY more awesome than a finger fuck, I promise.

Hard and fast aren’t always necessary…

I have my best, hugest orgasms when my BF is rubbing my G- Spot as if he were scratching a cat under its chin.”

Source: ellie6363

woman showing how to finger herself

The Best Fingering Techniques from 40 Old Man

“There are several different techniques I use.

There’s standard in and out.

Another is focusing on her g-spot.

Another is that finger her vagina with middle, index, or both AND have your thumb stimulate her clit.

A variation on that technique is to start with just the vaginal stimulation and then add the thumb-focus on the clitoris-it Ramps up the intensity for her.

While your hand is busy you can use your mouth on her breast and nipples.

But it’s not just about mashing your fingers against her woman parts at full force.

“Tell a story”-follow a bell curve of action.

Ramp up slowly, build to her climax, then-important-don’t just drop her off a cliff-work her back down.

You can summit and mix metaphors again but let her savor that orgasm.

Another technique that drives her wild is putting the middle and ring finger two phalanges deep, flicking the hand open (towards her perineum), and closing the hand into her G-spot.

It’s like clapping with one hand. Works wonders.

From the semi-close position, you can also lock your hand in place on the G-spot and lightly palm her clit and…how can I describe this… “Scrub” her vagina?

My hand is like the “mano cornuto” minus the thumb.

You can also do a combo of both.

Sometimes I even just stop fingering when it gets hot for her and hold her face in my hands and kiss her just to tease her more.

When i do this she’s just about grabbing my cock and trying to shove it in her.

At that point, you can let her guide where the session goes OR turn the tables.

Take control back and go down on her. Just use your imagination.

One thing I really miss that we don’t get to do anymore, because of kids, is make out on the couch with clothes on.

I think that’s pretty hot.

Messing around with clothes on is a mega turn-on.”

Source: ElephantRattle

two women experiencing first time fingering

“ Fingering/pussy eating technique that blew my MIND!!!!!!”

“Fellow female here.

Now, as many of us have realized, it is not always easy to get a female to orgasm.

For those of you who achieve it with ease, I’m kind of jealous.

I can make myself come with a weird technique that involves squeezing my thighs together in such a way that causes clitoral stimulation, but I’ve never really been able to orgasm through penile penetration.

With oral, I’ve gotten close, but could never really let go.

Well, I’m not sure if this is a combo of the passion I feel with the man that did this to me mixed with his skill, but he tried something on me that I’ve never experienced before and it drove me crraaaaazy!

Like I could feel the orgasm building up and it was simply tantalizing.

In the end I couldn’t release myself because I think it’s a personal thing but i still enjoyed it immensely and I just wanted to share what he did.

I think it also has something to do with how soft and wet his tongue is, but he lightly stroked my clit with his tongue while softly probing the very entrance of my vagina with the tip of his finger.


He was not completely finger fucking me, just sort of teasing the very sensitive entrance with his finger while gently taking care of my clit with his tongue.

Remember the teasing before the attack is key.

Brush your lips against her clit, let her feel your breath.

Lots of kisses along the lips.”

Source: throwawayshamedfemme

girl being fingered in bed

Advice if you’re gonna finger a girl…

“No offense intended but if you come home from dinner and wanna get to fingering action right away, at least use a sanitiser

And also, if there’s black dirt underneath those nails, it’s a turnoff

I am sure not all guys and girls are the same but the genitalia are kind of sensitive since there mucous membranes and having clean nails is a great start to fingering a girl.

And cut those nails!”

Source: goldenberry01

And a fun bonus story with this…

“I always clipped my finger nails in beside her while we’re talking in front of the TV or while she’s writing on her work desk, to tease for what about to happened in the next few minutes.

The sound of the clipper always makes her blush and asked me in a semi squeeky voice, “What are you doiiiing?”

“What do you think am I doing? I am trimming my finger nails.” I answered always in a serious flat tone.

After I’m done, I always go to wash my hands with warm water.

While I’m doing that, she’s almost always responded with her cute giggly voice, “NOOOOO baby, I’m workiiiing.”

It was cute.”

Source: y79

“Use Your Mouth… to Talk to Her About What She Enjoys”

“People are different.

Some girls like hard g-spot stimulation.

Some like the feeling of being stretched.

Some just like to have something in there to squeeze against while you play with their clitoris.

I don’t know your girlfriend.

I can’t tell you what she likes. She can, so ask her.

More importantly, encourage her to give you feedback while you are touching her — X is good, Y not so much, avoid doing Z.

It doesn’t need to be verbal, non-verbal is probably sexier, but whatever you guys are comfortable with.

One tip which is pretty much universal, though: Cut your fingernails, and then file/sand/buff them until there are no sharp edges at all, especially around the corners of the nail.

Everyone’s different, but nobody likes vaginal lacerations.

Personally I’m a guy and I don’t have much in the way of nail care equipment, so I use 400 grit sandpaper to smooth them out 😉

If you’re not sure whether you’ve got them smooth enough, stick your finger in your mouth and use your tongue to try and find sharp spots.”

Source: maleslut_

woman laying while being fingered

“Best fingering technique is the one that works for her, so try a bunch of different movements and gauge/ask about it. “

“One single technique may work for one girl and do nothing for others.

Important Note: Cut nails short about 2 days prior.

Long nails will scratch, freshly cut nails will scratch.

If short notice, file down fresh nails to be less edgy.

Some suggestions to try:

  • Classic G spot: Insert 1–2 fingers with pads pointing toward her belly, and flex slightly so it’s like a claw toward her belly button. Pump hand in/out, so that fingertips are rubbing the belly-side wall of vagina. (Bonus: use other hand or mouth to involve tits, vulva, clit, etc.
  • Insert fingers slightly in, with palm of hand resting in clit. Use movements that pump fingers in/out while also keeping pressure and rubbing clit.
  • Ask her how she masturbates. Replicate movements. Repeat until orgasm.

Be creative, try out stuff and see how she likes it.”

Source: Letsdoitsometime

…and…it also helps to learn woman's anatomy

Here's my own video on how to eat pussy like a champ, but lots of the foreplay rules do apply all the same:

#2 — Do guys actually enjoy fingering their girl?

“I’m a huge fan of manual stimulation in any way. “

“I have a big handjob kink to the point where I would take a lubed handjob over a blowjob 9/10 times.

Similarly, I love slowly fingering my gf and getting her really worked up.

It’s great to be able to dirty talk too while having a ton of control over how I touch her and reacting to her reactions.

One thing we like to do is lay in bed, where I’m on my back and she’s on my stomach, also facing up.

I can whisper filthy things into her ear, I can easily wrap one hand around her throat or play with her nipples, and play with her clit with my other hand.

And it’s a great angle, basically the same as if she were playing with herself.

Plus she can feel my erection pushing into her ass, and that makes her squirmy, which just turns me on even more…

Highly recommended it to anyone who likes hand stuff.”

Source: Crosstalk33

“I don’t get any physical pleasure from it, obviously. “

“But I absolutely love watching her squirm, her back arch, her head tilt back, hearing her moan and gasp.

All that shit really get me going.

So yeah, I enjoy doing it.”

Source: Bugmeat

“Fingering is my favorite thing to do.

“I used to lay in bed with my ex girlfriend and she would just melt.

She would press herself into me like she just couldn’t get close enough to me and her breath would start to hitch and her hips would start to buck in the most unbelievable way.

It was probably the most fun sexual thing we did imo.”

Source: honeycombgnome

sex woman showing how to finger in underwear

#3 — Guys: Do you get hard while fingering or eating out a girl?

“If I were soft and walked into a room with my wife naked on the bed saying, “Eat my pussy,” I’d be hard in a few seconds.”

“However, if I’m already hard and then take some time to go eat some pussy, I’m likely to lose it or get a little softer, depending on how long.

I won’t maintain an erection for 15 minutes of pussy eating haha.

But in general, if I know sex is happening, I’ll be hard…

At least for the foreseeable future.”

Source: theystayhungry

“It goes through phases of being hard and not hard. “

“I just love seeing my girlfriend squirm, or smelling her and feeling her warmth and soft body.”

“I do get hard, but it’s not always rock solid. “

“Sometimes it can be semi erect while I eat her out, but it usually gets harder as she’s reaching her climax.

I once actually came myself, just by looking at her as she orgasmed.”

“I’m not a guy but my husband always gets really, really hard from making me come. “

“To the point that I have had to learn over our relationship how to stay quiet for my first several orgasms because otherwise it will just be too much.

He won’t be able to have piv sex with me practically at all because he will be so ready to come that just starting to enter me will be too much.

That being said, it’s his thing.

All of it is from fingering me, he isn’t a huge fan of oral at all.

Point being, everyone has their things they enjoy, and there’s no shame in not staying hard during any specific act. S

hit, sometimes I give him head and feel practically nothing.

Depending on my mood.

I don’t question it because why should I?

We are happy fucking each other in whatever way makes us satisfied.”

Source: phalseprofits

satisfied woman after great fingering session

Bringing It Together

So that's that.

The best fingering techniques all in one place.

My best tip is to tease her a lot before.

Show that you love the sight, the taste, the smell of her pussy.

I love to eat her pussy and finger her at the same time.

Or sometimes I will just ask her to rub her pussy herself while I focus on fingering.

If you're going for her G you will notice that your fingers get tired and you cann't properly finish her off.

So get some help. If not your fingers, the toy will definitely do it!

Oh…and watching some amateur adult videos will definitely help to give you some ideas on new fingering techniques.

Just look for real, not faked sex.

And have fun… enjoy 👊

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