Public Sex 101: How To Have Sex Outdoors SAFELY in 2019

couple having public sex in bus

Public sex is amazing! But there is also risk of getting caught (which is part of that adrenaline)…

In this guide you'll learn how to have ethical public sex while staying respectful to other people, not become a sex offender and have fun at the same time.

Public sex done right is a tricky balance you need to master. But with proper preparation you can quite safely get the thrill of the idea of being exhibitionist while not becoming one. This guide will teach you how to do just that! 


safe public space for sex in office

3 Crucial Things To Consider Before Having Sex In Public

Ninja Tip: The safest way to have fun publicly is to use remote control vibrating panties, but that's only a tease.

Here are few good rules to remember before trying something like this out:

#1 — Be Respectful To Other People While Considering Your Sexual Kinks

Yes, many people recommend having sex in department store dressing rooms or in restaurants under the table…

But please, don’t do this.

It's very disrespectful for the people working there.

They know what's going on, and most often they cannot say anything about it.

In worst case you'll simply be banned from the store, but if you think that you're being discrete. Believe me you're not.

Just read this exchange and surely you'll understand:

reddit story on public sex issues

The general rule to public sex (Wikipedia) is:

“Don’t involve others in your kink without their consent.
Especially if you don’t know who randomly might appear — like someone underage kid…”

woman planning for sex outdoors

#2 — Prepare & Plan The Public Experience Beforehand

It pays to prepare to increase the likelihood of having a pleasant experience.

Few ideas to think about:

  • the place
  • the time
  • the outfit
  • the cleanliness

We'll talk about places later.. but the outfit and cleanliness is a good thing to keep in mind.

The best combo for the outfit is:

  • for lady: easy access dress + crotchless panties ( panties with opening)
  • for guy: stretchy shorts work well since you can just pull everything aside and have sex without taking off anything

Think easy access + discrete.

In case of someone coming you can very quickly become presentable.

As for cleanliness — just use condoms, get a plastic bag to put it later, get wet wipes to clean the mess afterwards.

Even if you're not getting caught — there's still the sex smell.

This is a great video by AskMen discussing different places, caution..and giving tips how to have safe sex in public:

#3 — View The Public Experience As The Foreplay (& Few Ideas)

Here's another idea…

If you want to go completely public, you can do it, just do it discrete.

For example in clubs or if you do social dancing — salsa, tango, bachata, kizomba…

Sexy dancing is not considered illegal.

There is a line of course, but you can definitely make out and play around while not going crazy sexual like — rubbing the breasts, pussy, penis or grabbing the ass.

seductive woman in bed in public space

Experiment with vibrating panties / remote controlled vibrators.

This is another public sex… but not really sex cool idea.

The best solution for this is to get an insertable eggs shaped vibrator that you insert in vagina before going out.

The guy has the remote control and he controls the vibrations… 🙂

Woman gets public orgasm and guy gets the pleasure of seeing his lady squirm and try to hide the sexual expressions on her face.

Here are the best affordable, great price & value products:

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I review each product thoroughly and recommend only the very best.
⚠️ Vital: Don’t buy sexual wellness products on Amazon. You won’t get a warranty and chances are high you’ll get counterfeit product that is lower quality and from possibly toxic materials. Instead buy from original creators or from trusted sources we’ve identified.

#1 — Lovense Lush Remote Control Vibrator (Our Pick 🌟) — $69

After 60 hours of research this was the best remote control vibrator by most couples who like public play.

lovense lush remote control vibrator for public play

Read more about it here.

Lovense Lush is a remote control vibrator that actually works and doesn’t break the bank.

It’s probably the most famous of them all since it’s release in 2015 where the demand was so high that preorders reached $100,000 mark.

In 2018, they launched IndieGogo campaign for Lush 2 design and raised almost 100,000 euros in backing.

You can get Lush 1 for $69 or Lush 2 for $99.

You can sync it to the music, control it via bluetooth (reliably) or even using Internet on phone to control it remotely over a long-distance.

The control is either via the phone or via button in front of the toy. It’s insertable hence, it’s very silent and discreet for public play.

It sits nicely against Gspot and is the strongest wearable out there (for those who have experienced disappointingly weak vibrations).

Finally, the app functionality is great, Bluetooth connection doesn’t let you down (as many others do).

Other facts:

  • Bluetooth range: up to 45 feet, Internet-controlled: any distance
  • USB rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Material: Silicone
  • Battery life: 1.5–2hours

Watch this demo video to see how it looks in real life:

Overall it’s the best bang for the buck — it simply works and it’s undisputed quality toy for unbeatable price. You won’t regret it.

#2 — Upgrade Option: We-Vibe Sync Vibrator With Remote Control & App Control (over $100)

wevibe sync vibrator for sex outdoors

Learn more about WeVibe vibrator here.

This is a popular alternative (more expensive) to the famous Lovense Lush ($69 or $99 for Lush 2).

It has the same app control great for long-distance relationships, just the toy hits both G-spot and clitoris.

Know that the outside of vibrator will still move around unless you have tight pants on, which is the case with all of these items.

Here’s a great video demonstration of how WeVibe looks in action (just different color):

#3 — Desire Luxury Vibrating Panties With Remote Control (around $100)

The trouble with most vibrating panties is that they are not well-made.

Buy a cheap version and either panties are bad or vibrator doesn’t hold.

desire remote panty vibrator for sex in public

This one is an exception. All three pieces are high quality.

Remote control works up to 8 meters range and will last for 2 hours.

You can adjust the panties to make sure they are fit snugly and vibrator stays in place (crucial).

Here’s a great explainer video by LoveHoney of how Desire vibrator works and looks:

best place to have public sex desert

What Are The Best Places To Have Sex In Public?

Okay, the preparation and precautions aside…

Let's have some fun!!

Here are the best ideas:

couple having sex in car

Public Sex In The Car

This is the easiest to pull off since you can drive it where you want.

Driving in the forest is the safest option.

But you can also do it late at night in parking lots or even during the day…

Or you can just pull over the side of the road and do it in the back seat

I had sex in a public parking lot with people moving around.. Not too many, but enough.

The downside there was that we couldn't move very fast.

She had a dress so she simply moved panties aside. I had basketball shorts so I simply moved shorts and underpants aside.

She sat on me and we made out so it looked like we're just having a sexy cuddle, makeout session.

We couldn't thrust a lot because it would be too obvious kheh. So here's the tradeoff.

But it was a steaming hot experience nevertheless.

couple having sex in public family bathroom

Use Public Family Bathrooms For Sex

In many restaurants or coffeeshops there are large bathrooms with a single toilet, sink, baby changing station, locking door and tons of space to accommodate wheelchairs.

It's an excellent place to have a safe kinda public bathroom sex in a new location.

These places usually have music playing in background helping you be discrete.

Adult Novelty Stores with Peep Show Booths in the back

Make sure you check that the door can be locked…

Its a quite safe public place to have sex if you're discreet about it.

But even if owners have idea about what you're doing, they won't give you too much trouble.

couple having outdoor sex in nature

Have Outdoor Sex In Nature

This is something that I really love.

It's public, but not really public…

Go for a hike out in the forest and do it there.

It's romantic and sexy, and there is still a chance of someone walking down the trail. Exciting!

Alternatively you could hike deeper in the nature and actually find a beautiful and private sightseeing spot where you can lay the blanket and have fun.

If you're camping and outdoors — tent sex is another option.

Just make sure you don't have a lantern on because shadows exist.

couple making love in private beach

Have sex​​​​ on the beach in summer at late evening.

The sounds of waves, the stars… it can be super beautiful.

Just make sure you get a blanket because sands in your butt or pussy will destroy the romance.

If you're really kinky, you can always pull of the sex in the ocean or sea.

It's not very comfortable to do thrusting, and not very safe — but little play can be very exciting.

Sexy foreplay in the movie theater

While it's quite tricky for actual sex — though some people have reported to successfully do it by picking late night movies.

At that time there will be very few people in there. You pick the last seats in the back corner…

You definitely can give a blow-job or a nice fingering (which is also possible on empty trains, bus seats in the back).

If you're just playing around than you can pick earlier times and more people in the cinema…

If you want to have sex there, you really need to find very unpopular movie at late time.

Have Sex Outside on the Balcony

You have two options:

  • either you go super late
  • or you go super discrete with outfit.

Late at night on balcony is very safe as there are not really people who have easy chance to even see you.

During the day you can have her wear a dress with nothing underneath and fuck her from behind.

If you're not too loud, not too fast — it won't even be too obvious for people seeing you.

Definitely the good kind of exhibitionist experience you could go for…

Or you can always open the windows with knowledge that if someone would be looking, they could see something…

But this is more on daring side.

woman preparing for outdoor love session

Best Tips For Having Sex In Public Places

Here are the best rules to adopt for safety and pleasure:

“As someone who indulges in having sex in public, these are my rules of thumb to not be rude and get fucking arrested”

“#1 — Have her wear either a dress or a skirt.

You don’t wear a belt or pants that are difficult to zip up.

#2 — Do not go somewhere with moderate traffic.

If you want to push your luck, go somewhere with both of your bits hidden and practice fucking with a straight face.

#3 — Do not go somewhere with kids.

Absolutely not.

Once again, do not fuck anywhere where kids may be or might be.

#4 — Cars are okay.

Just be smart with where you’re parked.

You could be in a high traffic area as long as you know for a fact you can’t be seen and won’t look suspicious. (spray your windows with defoggers if you have a tint)

There’s a lot more I could go into but honestly it just dwindles down to this.

Consent does not just go both ways for the two of you, but for the public as well.

Do not subject other people to you both fucking when they don’t want to see that.

You may think its hot and impromptu but everyone else just thinks its rude.

Just think before you do and you should be fine.

Oh, and do not fuck in a dressing room. ⚠️

That’s rude as fuck to the workers.”

Source: docturmishii

woman having spontaneous public sex

“Spontaneous sex is fun, and all that, but in case of public sex, perhaps plan ahead.”

“First off, getting caught means you will be banned from the store (if you do in dressing room).

So, you know, don’t go to the nearest lingerie store that has the brand she usually wears because it will be a total pain forever to go to some other place instead.

Have her wear a long dress, or a long skirt. And no panties.

The whole idea is that she should be easily accessible, and at the same time there should be enough fabric to hide both of your fleshy bits.

Which means that even if it’s damn obvious what you are doing, at the very least you are not exposing yourselves.

Exposure means a whole new level of legal trouble. Just saying.

If you rely on condoms, bring a small plastic bag for the used one.

You know, so that you don’t have to have that sticky mess leaking in the pocket of your pants afterwards.

If you don’t rely on condoms, consider wearing one anyway.

You know…it’s not necessarily her idea of fun to have a sticky mess running down her leg afterwards.

Bring a packet of wet wipes.

Because getting you both wet means that you will also smell, no matter if you got to the crescendo or not.

Some in-laws are incredibly sensitive to that kind of thing, and you never know when they decide to go shopping exactly when you do…

Also keep in mind that public sex is almost always illegal.

If you’re caught there’s a chance that you’ll be ticketed and fined.

And if you caught a cop on a bad day and/or you chose your location really poorly you may also wind up on a sex offender registry.”

Source: Anonymous

Other People Stories On How To Have Safe Public Sex

Now let's read some real public sex story experiences and tips to prepare better and have ideas for your own adventure:

“Outdoor sex experience.”

“The first time I did it was in a wooded area in the rain, it was amazing until a dog ran in to where we were and licked my toe, then it was just awkward so we stopped.

I have done it a few times since.

Probably the best time was on a beach really late at night.

Sand wasn’t an issue because we left our clothes on (he was wearing shorts and i was wearing a dress).

It was public enough to have that thrill but late enough to know people probably weren’t going to come the beach. “

Source: highlyoffensive

“Public Sex… in daylight! (in car)”

“This has got to be one of the harder things to do, yet I pull it off occasionally.

My best experience was in a park, on a gorgeous day among many passerbys.

We found a shaded hill and it started off innocently enough — making out, but my mind went a wandering and I pulled her on top of me.

She was wearing a sun dress and I pushed her panties to the side, undid my zipper and managed to slide in.

We went very slowly and the shade was really our only coverage (and not good coverage at that).

Whenever someone would walk by (I’d say at least 20 people walked by in the course of us fucking), we’d slow down or stop all together and just act like we were making out.

The orgasm was possibly the most intense I’d ever had.”

Source: ainttalkinaboutlove

sexy woman in bikini on balcony

“My accidental exhibitionist sexual experience”

“Me and male friend went on a trip from Cleveland to Miami.

We stopped in Myrtle Beach SC and got a super cheap hotel room.

We were pretty drunk and very excited about sleeping in a bed for the first time in awhile, so when we got into the room we immediately started going at it like crazy animals.

We had sex for about an hour, we were both completely naked, and when he finished he stepped back and I stood up, then we both heard cheering.

We went to the window, where the blinds were completely open (oops!) and saw about four floors worth of crowded balconies, where a bunch of people were out straight cheering for us.

It was awesome, there were about 40–50 people (this was spring break time) hooting and hollering for us, we just stood at the window still naked and waved at everybody!

We stayed in the town for a couple days and everywhere we went people recognized us as “ that hot couple caught having sex” it was pretty awesome!”

Source: jewbuttercup

woman sharing her public sex experience

“My public sex experience.”

“It happened nn a mission trip to Mexico with my high school youth group.

My girlfriend went along with our group, even though she didn’t go to our church.

It started off innocently enough; she sat on my lap while everyone was gathering around the campfire after worship.

Keep in mind, there were about 50 of us on this trip.

It started to get cold so she suggested I grab my sleeping bag.

We pulled it up around our legs and up past our waists so only our torsos and heads were visible.

Throughout the prayer that night — and the various stories that people told around the campfire — we both stayed as still as we possibly could.

We laughed at the right times, closed our eyes at the right time, and even took part in the conversation when we needed to… all while my hands were quietly working her jeans off.

I fingered her for over an hour, and I was worried that she was going to soak through the sleeping bag.

Someone said at one point, “Katie, your face is so red!” to which she replied, “Oh yeah, this campfire is just really hot.”

The hardest part (har har) about it was getting her jeans back on after.

The next morning, she told me, “Hey, agentfox, I owe you one for the worship service last night.”

She kept eye-fucking me for the rest of that day; during breakfast, on the car ride to the worksite, AT the worksite, during all of our breaks…

It was a wonder I didn’t pass out from the hours-long erection I had that day.

That night, a few of us decide to climb into one of the church vans to hang out.

Katie and I sat in the back row with my guitar, my friend Drew sat in the next row, Lyssa and Peter sat in the row in front of them, and our youth pastor Tim sat in the front passenger seat.

We all talked for awhile, sharing stories about how Christ had positively affected our lives.

Meanwhile, Katie had slipped off her sandals and was untying my pyjama pants with her feet (I can’t even explain how hot this was).

She gave me a footjob for awhile before I eventually pulled out my guitar to start strumming out some worship songs.

Everything got really mellow, and Tim asked me to play a song quietly as he led us all in prayer.

Katie took this opportunity to bow her head right above my throbbing penis.

She took me in her mouth for probably no longer than three or four minutes, and by the end, Tim had already wrapped up his prayer.

I began to play a song that everyone knew, and as we all sang,

Katie worked me as best as she could.

Drew mouthed to me at one point, “Katie okay?” to which I pantomimed falling asleep and mouthed back, “She’s asleep.”

The song ended.

I finished.

Katie sat back up, swallowed, wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and said, “My God, I’m tired. You all ready for bed, yet?”

Source: agentfox

woman having sex in mental hospital

Having public sex in a mental hospital. (I work there)

“Met a cute 18-year-old.

Fingerfucks and blowjobs in the public area while ducking the nurses.

Once I pulled her into my room and fucked her.

My schizophrenic roommate enjoyed the show.

Another time, we were making out and I had her tits out when a nurse crept up right beside us and totally saw.

All the patients knew what was up the entire time but didn’t say anything.

Made the best out of a fucked up experience.

We were both just depressed and had expressed suicidal ideation to our therapists, so we were forced to stay there for a week.

It was almost like that movie “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” but with sex.

It was a hell of a treatment for depression.”

Source: Anonymous

“I LOVE outdoor sex.”

“My most recent favorite was on a picnic bench in a lovely little park my SO and I came across when driving to the beach.

Surrounded by green and feeling the breeze on your bare skin is incomparably wonderful.

We’ve also fucked in several fitting rooms.

One of us will go in to ‘look at the clothes’ and then there will be no clothes at all.

One time, right in the middle of things, a saleswoman knocked on the door and ask if everything was okay.

That was probably the closest we’ve ever come to being caught.”

Source: LaDiDaLady

man covering face while sharing public high school story

“Had lots of public sex not due to enjoyment but necessity. “

“I am in my mid thirties now but my wife and I got together in High school and we would do it publicly constantly. (17 year olds)

The highest risk was in the hallway of the science wing of our school.

People would go in and out all the time and we would do it in a little door way for two classrooms.

It was so easy to get caught but we never did.

Other than that, cars parked in shopping centers, parks, behind movie theaters.

Speaking of movie theaters she used to jack me off and i would finger her during a movie.

It took some planning.

She would wear a skirt and bring a sweater to put over me.

After some making out her panties would end up in my hand given to me by her as a sign to start playing with her pussy.


We also did it in changing rooms, on the beach, which was risky too but it was dark.

We did get mosquito bites like crazy though.”

Source: eatit_throwaway

exhibionist experience in public

“I have a funny story about being caught having sex in public.”

Ever since my early teens I have been a voyeur and exhibitionist and during my awkward teen phases it usually culminated in masturbating in the bushes during PE class…

All the while listening to the girls’ soccer team or sneaking into the girl’s bathroom to listen to them and touch myself.

Eventually I graduated into a love of outdoor public fornication.

I’m sure you guys know the feeling.

Once I found a girl who was infatuated with the same things I was, there was no going back.

However, there is not much in life that is worth become a sex offender for and I figured I had made it that so I should keep up the streak…

How could my girlfriend and I fuck publicly without being seen by unwilling people and children?

The answer came to me in the form of a facebook post.

My unit was posting photos to our page from our time in the sandbox so I was scrolling through when I came across a picture of a high-speed guy in a Ghillie suit.

Immediately the seed was planted in my mind and I began constructing two suits with the local foliage, with adequate coverage but also holes for genitalia.

After hours of toil, my work was done, and we set a nice mid-fall date to go to do the deed.

Tumescent with anticipation, my Aphrodite and I arrived at a site of very public hiking trails and found a nice spot along the trail, a site that aroused the senses and prepared one for beautiful fornication.

Stripping down, I took a moment to admire her body before slipping on our ghillie suits.

The suits were impeccable, a testament to my skill if I do say so myself.

woman in nature cautiously looking around

Hiding our gear, we shacked up under a bush and viola, immediately began fucking stealthily.

My friends in the ranger regiment would have been duly impressed (and they were when I told them afterwards) with our ability to copulate while impersonating foliage.

And by god it was fantastic.

There’s something special about fucking a girl on a bed of fresh crunchy fall leaves with the smell of organic decay permeating your nostrils.

Now, we had chosen the middle of a school day to do this so to avoid children, so imagine our surprise when we heard a cherubic voice from down the trail: “Mommy, why is that bush moving funny?”

We froze, not even moving to observe our threat.

Pure discipline.

Anyway, there was an awkward pause where I could tell the lady must have been able to determine two human shaped lumps in a compromising position.

The seconds dragged on as I wondered what it would feel like to be butt-fingered by a forest ranger doing a cavity search.

I heard her murmur something to the child, and I figured that would be the end of it… and that’s when my girlfriend queefed with the force of a Titan missile.


Now, one thing you should know about me is I act on instinct in these compromising situations as I have been trained to do so I did the only thing I could do: save face.

Slowly turning to reveal my face, I locked eyes with the child and let out a wild gorilla call.

I grabbed my girlfriend, also screaming, and I’ll be damned if we didn’t hightail it deeper into the woods like a couple of horny hermits to fuck some more.”

Source: lostkeysblameHofmann

couple discreetly having sex

Bringing It All Together

Now… go out there and have fun!

You should have more than enough ideas for your first or next public sex experience..!

As long as you don't go wild really there are little chances of you becoming a sex offender.

Just avoid places where kids could hang around, be discrete, plan ahead and you should be fine!

Cheers 🍷

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