The Official Self-Serve Recommendation Page for Thinkific or Teachable

This is the page that really matters.

It’s the page that will cut through all the features and get you to answer the core questions about your needs and allow you to make the right decision with ease.

Yes, details matter, but at some time comparing all the features, pros, cons gets overwhelming.

But if you want DETAILS you should go to the main Thinkific vs Teachable comparison article now.

Guess how I know? 😉

I’ve been there more times than I can remember and if I had a trusted advisor to get the right answer based on MY SITUATION it would be invaluable!

The challenge with most recommendations is that they are based on generalisations.

But you don’t feel general don’t you?

There is nothing general about you, you are living, breathing person, who has specific needs.

I respect that.

Mostly I only recommend Thinkific or Teachable because in 90% of the cases these will be the best solutions.

If you are already using WordPress you might have temptation to purchase something like MemberMouse.

And yes, that would be a valid option if you:

  • want 100% control over customisability
  • are hardcore programmer yourself and enjoying tweaking every line of code
  • or if you have an arsenal of programmers & designers, who can make it work for you.

Even in such case I would recommend to look into Thinkific capabilities.

Other mention is for Udemy.

Yes, Udemy is the biggest online course marketplace and might seem like an attractive choice.
But, it’s option only for people who NEVER want to do any marketing themselves, in that case you would try to roll with trends and create lots of courses and tailor them completely to Udemy algorithm. Yes, there are people who make money that way, but even this way is competitive and totally not a great long term solution.

You have zero control and that’s not the place you want to be in. I experienced it with my Facebook page, who got deleted with no explanation. My social presence was cut in half overnight. That’s when I understood the real meaning of “rented property”.

Now, let’s get to the point why you are reading this..

Read this part carefully…

Thinkific vs Teachable – Which One You Should Choose?

First of all let me be clear that both of these platforms are very similar in terms of their core features.

Both of these platforms have GREAT support and you’ll get all the assistance you’ll need when you want to figure out how to do some things or need help with practical questions on how to sell & market courses better.

They will serve you well as:

  • secure course delivery platform with tools to help students to successfully consume your content
  • internal onboarding system to train your own employees
  • a platform to educate customers to use your platform and increase retention rates.

But as we go into more detail Thinkific & Teachable has few subtle, but important differences.

Choose Thinkific if you are…

  • an established brand who requires 100% white-labeled solution
  • a teacher, who needs advanced student training tools and LMS type of features (and you know (and care) what LMS stands for)
  • dedicated Apple user and care about intuitive and user-friendly design a lot
  • focused on being in full control over your payment processing
  • not a good designer and don’t want to hire one, but want to create something good looking yourself without touching the code

Do NOT choose Thinkific if…

  • you want to create a course marketplace and build ‘udemy’ of your niche
  • you need better sales tools and customisation out of the box (you don’t want to use additional 3rd-party tools)
  • you don’t need pre-created designs for you and you prefer to tinker with HTML/CSS yourself (or give it to your designer)

Choose Teachable if you are…

  • obsessed about marketing and creating minimal, but CONVERTING sales funnels without touching the code.
  • a new course creator who is easily overwhelmed with legal & payment challenges
  • looking for solution where platform helps you to take care of tax, affiliate and money management side of things
  • “android” type of user, who cares about functionality more than pretty design

Do NOT choose Teachable if…

  • you want to create a beautiful and unique sales pages without extra help
  • you get easily overwhelmed with technology (Teachable takes a little more coders mindset)
  • you want completely unbranded platform with 0% indication that you use 3rd party course delivery platform
  • you need more student training capabilities with integrations of Brillum, Articulate & Captivate
  • you care about usability & intuitive course creation and want to do it all in one platform (Teachable course text editor is hard to use, best to use 3rd party and then copy the content as code)

If you are not satisfied with these short suggestions, go and dig in deeper in this COMPLETE Thinkific vs Teachable comparison article.