8 Erotic Tips To Give A Sexual Massage Of Her Life

man giving woman a sexual massage

Learn the secrets of giving a sensual, sexual massage that will arouse her and put her into erotic mood.

After more than 20 hours of reviewing hundreds of people massage tips, this guide condenses the best techniques all in one place. Guaranteed to have a happy ending if you follow the steps:


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The Foundation: Prepare The Scene For Sexual Massage

It will work for both sexes, but women generally like and need sensual massage a lot more than guys do.

The thing is that if you want her to reach one, two, TEN orgasms…

Get to continuous orgasmic state…

Or you want to get her to squirting orgasms…

You gotta make her FULLY relaxed and present. 

Think of a sensual massage like the most special foreplay you could ever give her.

Sensual massage will help her to:

  • 🧘‍♀️ become fully present — kinda like meditation, she will fully relax and the mind will naturally quiet. And this leads to easier orgasms!
  • 🙌 become very sensitive to lightest touch — the more tense she is, the less she will feel. But get her relaxed and she will notice the lightest touch. It will be too easy to make her cum!
  • 😍 remove the physical blocks that stand in the way between her reaching full-body orgasms — It's very possible for women to not only experience orgasm in their clitoris area, but everywhere…! But she needs to be fully relaxed for that.

Now that you know how much good sensual massage could do to her, let's jump in to the actual erotic massage techniques…

You may know this already, but just so we are on the same page.

Here's what you should do to prepare her for the sensual massage:

  • Tell her what's coming — Surprises are cool, but here we want to use her biggest erogenous zone — BRAIN to our advantage. She will essentially arouse herself, while expecting the special treat.
  • Find the relaxing music — Just Youtube — meditation music, massage music and get the 2h version. Later you can always switch to sexy, seductive music, but start slow.
  • Get incense or candles — smell is one of the senses, she'll appreciate the extra touch.
  • Cut your fingernails — make sure it's soft and nice for her… You'll end up massaging her most sensitive spots, don't let nails ruin it.
  • Get a warm room temperature — whatever you must do.. Remember, she will be naked and you don't her to get cold.
  • Take shower together before starting — this is just a nice little touch in the foreplay… Sex later is always nicer if you're both clean and shower is a nice way to change the state and get out from day-to-day worry mindset.

⚠️ The Best Massage Oil: Coconut Oil 🌸


Now you're set!

How do you actually do this thing?

Well, I actually compiled the best advice from various people who've given sensual massages and you can read their stories to get inspired.

I also found it helpful to simply watch massage videos on Youtube to get some ideas.

This relaxing massage video was the most helpful to me! It's quick and actionable!

Don't worry if you don't remember them all.

Chances are you won't become a professional masseur overnight.

So what you need is: simply get some idea how great massage can look like and some tips what you can do.

Please, please — don't go on the book reading spree…

Just read this guide, watch few videos and go do it!
erotic massage techniques in bed

She will appreciate it! Just improvise and remember few fundamentals…

And you'll be golden 😉

Later you can always dive deeper into the massage world, if you like 🙂

Yeah…that brings me to the biggest tip:

Women in general won't need a sensual, erotic massage: they just need a stress-relief massage!

This was a mistake I did with my girl — I wanted to make it all erotic and stuff… but she just wanted relaxing massage…

But the thing is, that kind of massage still led to incredible sex and multiple orgasms afterwards.

So don't get stuck on the names.

You can always add sexy breast or vulva massage afterwards.

Read my how to satisfy woman guide for that.

Oh…and how to make a girl squirt..afterwards (maybe even use a squirting dildo). 

Sensual massage simply sets the scene to what's about to come.

  • Part 1: Sensual Massage
  • Part 2: Eat Her Pussy
  • Part 3: Squirting
  • Part 4: Have A Wild Sex

man giving erotic massage to woman

What Are The Best Erotic Massage Techniques?

Let's jump in to the stories, shall we?

“From Sensual Massage To Erotic to Sex”

“Use lotion if you can’t use oils, it’ll at least make your hands glide easier and will feel better.

Have her be naked or at least in her underwear, start with her lying on her stomach and massage her shoulders and back.

When you’re massaging leave trails of kisses down her back now and then.

Occasionally trail your fingers very lightly on her skin and go back to a deeper massage.

Massage each of her legs too.

If you want to make it more sexual, as you massage her legs and near her thighs keep getting closer and closer to her pussy til you’re just barely brushing your fingers there.

If she’s reacting well rub her pussy with more pressure and then go back to light touches and massaging.

Eventually you can have her switch to being on her back and massaging her chest, stomach, and legs.

Kiss her body, play with her nipples, just make her feel good.”

Source: Anonymous

“Alright, Erotic massage? One of the best things you can give for a sexy night. “

“A woman being relaxed and feeling loved is probably the number one way to make her feel good.

Step 1: Set the environment.

This is all about personal taste, but setting up scented candles and playing some relaxing music in the background can go a long way to set the mood. A relaxing environment can be just as important.

Step 2: Learn some techniques.
Oils are the best thing for massages.

They are better than a lotion, because lotions tend to evaporate quickly and create a lot of friction that can cause discomfort for the one being massaged.

They also can rub off, and you can get those weird, black, dead skin pellet things and its gross.

Avoid lotion unless its a very oily based lotion, or hell, even use olive oil, but honestly it smells kinda bad.

If you don’t have any of those options, its best to go with a kneading technique for the massage.

Focus more on applying pressure to the area, almost like a kneading motion, and aviod excessive rubbing, because it can cause friction and discomfort without lube.

The best way I can describe it, is take one hand, and gently pinch the part of your hand between the thumb and index finger.

Once you get a pressure that feels good, gently, and slowly, make very small circles with your thumb pressing down.

This is the more pressure focused kind of massage you are going for. you can look up different ways to do this online for different parts of the body, but this is the general idea of. Long deep strokes along the spine, neck, legs, and shoulder blades feel amaaaaaaazing.

But avoid this because you don’t have lube, and tugging the skin hurts.

Step 3: The routine.

man giving her a vulva massage
If your going to go with a killer massage, a full body massage a great way to go.

The best way to do this is break down different parts of the body into different time slots during an hour.

So you could start with a head massage for 10 minutes, then move down to the upper back/neck/shoulders/ for 20, hands 5, so on and so fourth.

My wife likes her heard, neck, shoulders, butt/lower back and feet rubbed most, so I slot most of the time for those areas.

Arms, hands, legs, and the like get the least amount of time.

When your ready, you can give her a happy ending.

That can be either with oral, or you can get her off with you hands.

The best way to do this, is to tease the area around her vagina, and massage around the area.

Be delicate, and intentional in your teasing.

After a few minutes and she's starting to get worked up, you can start massaging gently along her vulva and clit.

Slow and steady wins this race, proceed on however her preferred method is to get off.

Move into sex, or just cuddle and talk.

This is just a really basic hour routine, and you can adjust it to suit your needs.

Have fun, a massage is one of the best gift you can give.”

Source: MightyMilo

Watch Youtube Videos For Erotic Massage Techniques

“From personal experience I can make a couple of recommendations.

First of all make preparations softer lighting candles maybe some relaxing music.

I’ve always preferred Kind of Blue by Miles Davis but you might like something else.

Second start with the hands and feet.

Try and spend 5 minutes on each hand and at least 10 minutes on each foot.

There are nerves in the hands and feet that help the rest of the body relax.

One of the best techniques is to not worry about sensuality or sexuality but just really pay attention to relaxing her.

Making all the other stresses of the world go away will make her genuinely grateful for you as a partner.”

Source: eddielocke

woman giving erotic massage

Get Her To Wear A Blindfold During The Massage

“Then I lightly touch and kiss their body (it’s really important that you’re not giving away where you’re going to touch or kiss next so it stays a surprise).

Sometimes I will add pressure so it’s not just light touching.

Sometimes I will very lightly scratch.

One time, I just had my partner lie still, both of us naked, and I just kissed him all over his body.

Sometimes it tickles.

That’s okay. Enjoy it. Laugh together.

Add some pressure if you need to.

Sometimes just breathing on someone in a sensitive spot is a turn on…

Like behind the ear or on the neck.”

Source: alwaysthefeisty

How To Give An Erotic Massage For A Man?

“I’m a massage therapist and as far as Swedish/relaxation massage goes, just use long steady strokes followed by kneading the muscle area.

If you’ve ever had a massage just try to duplicate those techniques, if not just do what you think would feel good to you and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Don’t neglect the head, hands or feet.

People tend to love having those areas worked on.

Now as a man, if I could get a sexy massage I’d love it.

I say tease him a lot during the massage.

Rub his chest and put ur boobs in his face. Go up his legs and just get close enough to get him excited.

Maybe save the back for the end and undress and oil yourself up and use your body to slide and massage up his back and kiss his neck and whisper dirty things in his ear.

That’d do it for me.

Good luck you seductress.”

Source: Oh_Piss_On_Your_Hat

best sexual massage technique demonstrated

The Ultimate Sensual Massage Technique


“I absolutely love fucking my girlfriend after giving her a massage.

I (24 male) and my girlfriend have been in a relationship for 6 months.

Sex is phenomenal, she is an extremely sweet person, and I truly care about her.

I love making her feel good, which is why I love giving her some hard, sexy massages 1–2 per week.

Things you will need for this:

  1. Body lotion (I recommend using the one your girlfriend already has, this minimizes the chances of you getting something she doesn’t like)
  2. A candle (my girlfriend loves candles, so this wasn’t a problem. See what smell she likes and go for it)
  3. Relaxing music

Light the candle(s) up. Turn room’s lights off. Insert good music.

Lay her down in bed on her stomach.

(Assuming you’ve already thoroughly washed your hands) apply the lotion to your hands and start by her feet, making your way up through her legs, thighs, back, and arms.

Turn her around and do the breast area, arms, stomach/hips, thighs, calves/feet.

The technique here is very simple: all you need is passion!

Try to genuinely alleviate her physical stress by applying strong, yet careful pressure.

You want to touch every single part of her body.

Explore her body and demonstrate interest when you do so.

Your gestures here need to show the combination of your attractiveness for your partner and the desire to please them (this is what makes it most intimate).

Be creative but efficient with your movement. I usually massage her for 25–30 mins.

When you are back to her feet (now with her back on the bed), the sexuality explicitly kicks in.

What I like to do here is work my way back up in her thighs and spread her legs open.

I tease a little by playing with her inner thighs and the area around her vagina for a while, but I end up playing with her clit and fingering her.

Make sure she still has her back on the bed and don’t let her move yet. I then eat her out until she comes (I love tasting how wet she gets from all of this).

If you’ve reached this point, it’s time for the happiest of endings.

My girlfriend by this point is soaking wet, extremely relaxed (but horny) and begs me to fuck her hard.

Her body is warm, smells great and feels really good to the touch.

Hopefully this will be a fun experience for you too!”

Source: Roland_of-Gilead

man using erotic massage as foreplay

Using Massage As A Foreplay

“Recently my gf and I have been experimenting with massaging each other as a form of foreplay.

A few weeks ago she asked for a shoulder rub and sat in front of me on the bed (my legs were spread open and she sat between them).

I lubed up my hands with coconut oil and started warming her shoulders up with open hands.

As her muscles warmed up I started getting into a deep tissue massage with my thumbs and index fingers to work the knots out.

About 5 minutes later I went back for some more coconut oil, scooted closer to her, and started massaging her breasts while gently kissing up and down her neck.

Things started heating up.

We made out for a few seconds at a time over her shoulder as I continued to squeeze and massage her breasts, but I would go back to massaging only to draw out the foreplay.

From her breasts I would slowly work my way down her abs to her inner thighs, skipping her pussy.

At this point she was getting very worked up, twitching and moaning as I massaged over her sensitive areas.

From her inner thighs I continued to massage the rest of her thighs and slowly worked my way back to her inner thighs and up to her breasts, at which point we continued to passionately make out.

At this point I felt it was a good time to give her vagina some attention.

After a few more passes on her breasts, squeezing the nipples on the final go I guided my hands down to her pubic bone and began playing with her clit.

Slowly moving her clit between my index and middle finger.

Giving slight squeezes made her squirm, twitch and moan begging for me to turn her over and fuck her.

Not yet.

I continued playing with her clit while giving her neck soft kisses.

To get her begging for more I moved back to her inner thighs and made a pass back up her breasts again.

This time when I got back down to her vagina I started to finger her.

My goodness she was wet.
aroused wet womans pussy from massage

After about a minute or two of fingering I flipped her over and slid my cock into her dripping wet pussy and we proceeded to have some of the best sex of our lives 🙂

We were both so happy with the results of the foreplay massaging that we have continued to do it about once a week to keep things nice and hot in the bedroom…

…Which leads to last night.

I went snowboarding the day before yesterday and asked for a massage as we were getting into bed since I was extremely sore.

She obliged and gave me a very nice massage to loosen up my knotted muscles in my back and hamstrings.

I said I would gladly return the favor and had her lie down on the bed.

Her pussy was already a little wet from a little make out session we had in bed before the massages, and I was also hard.

As I climbed over her butt to begin massaging her back and shoulders I thought to myself, “I wonder what it would be like to give her a massage with my hard cock in her pussy”.

So I slid it in gently with a few thrusts and told her to stay still and not move 😉

I began by warming her back up with some coconut oil and then moved into the deep tissue with my thumbs.

As I massaged her more, I could also feel her pussy warming up and becoming wet.

When massaging her back I slowly ran my thumbs up the muscles along her spine with a fair amount of pressure to loosen any knots, moving to her neck and then down to her shoulders.

I noticed that when my hands moved over her lower back, her pussy would tighten up and squeeze my cock, in turn making me harder and more aroused.

Occasionally in between runs up and down her back I would thrust my cock in and out of her very, very wet pussy a few times.

Very slowly pulling out and quickly thrusting in to let her know whats coming.

After 5 more minutes of massaging her back we transitioned into having sex doggy style and making out over her shoulder.

She said she was so wet her own cum was dripping down her legs as we had sex and that it was the best massage she had ever received 😀

Happy Massaging!”

Source: throwitallaway562

woman preparing for erotic massage

Massage Oil Vs Coconut Oil

“So, I’m 18 and my boyfriend is 20. We’ve been together a few years and as always, looking to spice up the relationship.

“I’ve looked vaguely into using some “sensual massage oils,” but they all smell pretty gross.

I recently went gluten free, and one of the oils they recommend is Coconut Oil.

It’s this really awesome oil that is made from coconuts [obviously], that is great for: eating, cooking, hair, weight loss, relaxation, and best of all: SKIN.

It’s super smooth and slippery, smells absolutely delicious and is great for all over- and I mean all over.

[It has awesome PH balancers for lady parts, so it’s great to use in there too.]

My boyfriend and I decided to take a little time out of our day and give each other a whole body oily massages, and it was orgasmic.

We both got all slippery and slidy, and you could kiss all over with that stuff. It’s oil, so it doesn’t get sticky or dry up like lube does, so hand action was all over the playing field.

It really added sensuality and feeling because it felt so nice on your own hands, it was actually fun to massage the other person, too.

To be honest, this was our first real experience with oils and whatnot, and I was heavy in my time o’ the month, so we didn’t have actual sex [we’re not into that big of messes], but just the smoothness and fluidity of the oil made for one of the best orgasms I’ve had in months.

It wasn’t as slippery as I see baby oil being, but it was definitely oily enough to have a fucktastic time.

We’ll definitely definitely definitely be breaking out the coconut oil again.”

Source: halfbloodsnape

satisfied couple after orgasmic massage

Bringing It All Together

I'm sure your head is full of ideas to try in bedroom!

Just remember to have fun and be passionate! Enjoy the process!

If you need some extra orgasmic tips beyond the massage however, check this article on how to satisfy a woman in bed & make her come hard.

Cheers! 🍒 

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