Sites Like Literotica: 10 *NEW* Sources For 2019 With Best Erotic Stories

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Literotica is a great source for erotic stories, but if that's the only place you're visiting it's like only eating chocolate ice cream when there are so many other flavors available.

New is good. New brings the possibility of something better.

Read till the end, because the last pick is one you 100% never even thought about as the source for true sex stories.

And personally, I love true stories — it's entertaining and education at the same time.

That counts pretty high in my book.

Let's jump in:


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#1 — Chyoa Interactive Adult Fiction Site

Chyoa is a fun new erotica site with a twist.

It’s an interactive erotic story site offering you a truly interactive environment, where readers decide the outcome of the sex stories.

And it’s working! With 3.5 monthly readers, they’re onto something!

I give Chyoa a lot of bonus points for the friendly, clean and intuitive website design.

Here are top 3 sections to get started with:

chyoa erotic fiction site

#2 — MyErotica Erotic Fiction

This is a new website on Medium that's getting a lot of traction.

If you know any writing from Medium — the reading experience is perfect and the platform is attracting the highest quality writers.

You'll find stories there on sexual exploration, refined erotica, LGHTQ and tons of short stories.

Here are the top 3 stories on there to get you started:

myerotica site like literotica screenshot

#3 — Erotic Stories

Nifty has a strong focus on gay, bisexual, lesbian, incest, bestiality and transgender sex stories.

So go here if you're looking for something extra kinky and dangerous (found good stories about the use of a ​cock sleeve.

There are tons of great stories, my only criticism would be readability. The site looks like it was created in 1992 and never got updated, unfortunately.

The reading experience is not the best, but the stories are spicy hot.

Here are Nifty's top 3 categories to get you started:

nifty erotic stories archive

#4 — Juicy Erotic Sex Stories

Juicy is a smoking hot site for high-quality erotic literature and short stories.

Stories are submitted by members and site has quickly grown to over 1 million monthly visitors.

The top stories focus around incest, cuckold, Indian, swinger and BDSM sex stories. If you like taboo stories, you'll feel there at home.

What I like the most about Juicy website is that the website design is friendly and stories are enjoyable visually to read.

Here are the top 3 stories you should start with:

juicy sex stories literotica type

#5 — ASSTR: Alt Sex Stories Text Repository

Alt Sex Stories has been around for a while and its one of the biggest erotica sites fighting head to head with Literotica.

There are over 1000 authors on the site that contribute to the site, and they have a collaboration with as well.

Almost 10 million visitors every month come here for sexy stories and for a reason.

My only criticism would be readability which could be better.

Here are the top 3 erotica sections on ASSTR to get you started:

literotica type sex stories repository

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#6 — Literotica: #1 Erotic Story Literature website

Literotica is a juggernaut, undisputed leader of the erotic story industry.

The site ranks #610 biggest in the world and has estimated 50 million monthly visits.

It launched in 1998, you can read about their history in Wikipedia.

I'm sure you know this site if you've been reading erotica before.

The top categories on Literotica are — loving wives, taboo, gay, BDSM, non-consent, impregnation and femdom sex stories.

But really, you'll find everything there, even the recently growing industry — audio sex stories.

Here are top 3 reader favorite stories to get you started with:

literotica erotic story screenshot

#7 — Stories Online

This erotic fiction website has around 6.5 monthly readers and they focus on both erotic and non-erotic short stories that thousands of authors make available.

The site has been around since 1997.

I really like how the content is nicely readable and their inner search engine is intuitive allowing to quickly find good stories.

Here are the top 3 stories and categories to get you started with:

stories online similar to literotica

#8 — Lush Stories

Lush Stories is a community-based website with active forum and tons of erotic stories written there.

If you're looking for community experience you gotta go there.

With 4 million monthly visits, it's a great place to hang out with in calm evenings.

Their top sex stories are about cuckold, femdom, spanking and incest…

Here are 3 stories you might wanna start with:

lush stories erotic fiction

#9 — Adult Fan fiction

This site has over 4.6 million monthly readers and you can read adult stories on popular movies or books.

The most popular section on adult fan fiction is the Harry Potter one 😉

Site has a strong forum as well, if you would like to join the community.

My only critique would be that site is not that intuitive to use at first. But the contents inside are gold!

adult fan fiction site screenshot

🖐 Oh and extra tip… you can find sexy stories in a form of videos…that smoothly move on and you can simply sit back and read:

#10 — XNXX Sex Stories

XNXX porn site also has a separate site on sex stories that have a huge collection of sex-related texts on kinky topics.

What I like about XNXX is that they have a detailed tagging and categorizing system making sure you can find sex stories just for your needs!

#10.5 — Oglaf Erotic Comics(Updated)

Oglaf has a super nice erotic comics you will love!

Just found it recently and it's freaking amazing!

oglaf erotic comics screenshot

#11 — (Bonus) Reddit True Sex Stories

I've saved the best for the last.

I don't know about you, but there is something amazing about reading real sex stories vs the fiction.

You know that it actually happened, just makes you even hornier…

And I love learning from people stories instead of just doing it for entertainment.

And Reddit is an amazing source for both advice and sexy erotica 😉

I've made a whole list on Reddit NSFW subreddits, which focus on discussion and text (or audio) stories, instead of porn.

For example, on /r/DirtyPenPals you can get involved with other writers and create your own sex story as a community. It's tons of fun.

naked woman posing next to water reading fiction

If you're in audio erotica then there is both a dirty subreddit — GoneWildAudio — which is like audio porn, super dirty.

Then if you're looking for sweet, erotic audio conversations, check out PillowTalk Audio subreddit. Best listened to when with your partner on a sex wedge.

But definitely start with the biggest Sex subreddit which has over 1.2 million subscribers.

Here's one of my favorite stories from there…and you'll find plenty of them as you browse around:

“Thank you /r/sex for turning my marriage into a fucking dream come true (written by a man)”

“A couple of days ago, I decided it would be the day where I redefine my marriage and myself as the man in it.

My journey is by no means close to complete, but this was the first big step.

I had been spending the last 3 weeks pouring over materials on seduction, sex, and reading posts from /r/sex as well as committing myself to /r/nofap (to which I also owe a huge thanks to)

It was Thursday and we had been almost two weeks without sex.

Sadly, this was not uncommon in the past.

My libido was never really that strong and my wife tended to only want sex when I became the initiator (I’ve now come to see this as a good thing since she is really looking for me to lead).

After reading posts, learning about how to properly hit the G-spot, Kegels, no porn, /r/sex tips, etc… a sudden readiness came rushing in on Thursday morning. It was time.

I started the morning by sending my wife texts while she was at work.

woman posing while reading book

Gentle at first, saying how I was thinking about her, then moving on to hints about a “surprise” when she gets home.

All I would tell her was “I was in control, all she had to do was follow my lead” and “All I can promise you is you are going to cum, hard and a lot”.

She was a bit shy in her responses but very interested and I could tell she was getting herself revved up and turned on…

I then began setting up.

I went up to the bedroom and gathered the items to create a sort of schoolgirl outfit I always wanted her to wear for me along with a cute pair of panties and bra.

I placed the panties in my sock drawer with a little note telling her to freshen up now if she felt the need, then to put on the panties and bra and go to the second drawer underneath the TV table.

In the second drawer, I placed a tight sweater, the very short skirt, a pair of knee-high socks, and a pair of heals.

These were accompanies by a second note which instructed her to go to a small bag placed under my nightstand.

In the bag were a couple of sex toys, some lube, and two long lacy ribbons.

There was also a note in this bag and the instructions were to take all the items out and place them in a display on the bed.

Sit next to the items and wait patiently till I came up, and finally to “Hope she wasn’t in too much trouble”.

Everything was a go, and I was nervous as fuck.

I almost talked myself out of it a couple times, but I kept reminding myself that I am the man.

She has been secretly hoping for me to unleash this side of us for a few years now (and boy was I right, but we’ll get to that).

woman with big lips

The next few hours when she came home were tough, we have a 1 year old son who requires all of our attention.

I had to make sure to keep her arousal at an elevated place while we worked to take care of our son.

It was really hard to do and at one point I seemed to lose her completely after we put the kid to bed, but I was able to get her back to that place through a gentle escalation (increasing intensity kisses and gradually provocative innuendos).

Jump to the moment where it was about to start, I had her in the kitchen as she was doing the dishes..

I came up behind her and pulled her up against me, kissing and brushing my hands teasingly all over.

As soon as I heard the heavy breathing and felt her body going slightly limp against mine, I began kissing her neck and teasing around her breast and groin til I heard soft moans.

It was time! I slid my hand up along her body , then gently grabbed her hair and gently pulled her head back to expose her neck.. kissed her there a few times, and then told her “Go upstairs and look in my top drawer, you’ll know what to do from there”.

Obedient and sexy as ever, she gave me a shy smile and with a quick twirl, she was off.

The 20 minutes following were nerve racking.

We had never done anything like this and I had no idea how she was going to respond, but I was committed.

Soon I no longer heard the heels walking around on the floor.

I let her sit there a few more minutes wondering what I was up to, then I gathered my courage, and went upstairs.

When I opened the door, there she sat.

She was the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen with her skimpy outfit and nervous but innocent look.

I got immediately into character and walked past her without saying anything and removed a few items from my pockets.

I then turned to her and asked “Do you know why you’re in so much trouble?”

She responded she didn’t.

I then pointed at the toys on the bed and told her I found them in her sock drawer and wondered what she was doing with such dirty things in this house (the fact I was role-playing was obvious by this point since we had used the toys together in the past).

She was very timid about getting into character and I know she was out of her comfort zone but she was enjoying it and trying her best.

She began playing as if she thought it wasn’t a big deal and told me she “only used them when I wasn’t around”.

I then stood her up and made her spin around, asking why she was dressed so inappropriately and accused her of dressing slutty to get the attention of the other guys at work.

She was catching on but still timidly embracing her character.

This banter went back and forth with me asking her to explain the items and what she did with them as well as picking apart her outfit while reprimanding her by grabbing her ass and sliding my hands “inappropriately” along her front.

The whole time, she was playing along and slowly embracing her role, even changing her voice slightly.. but still not yet fully immersed.

Finally I told her that “I would forgive her, but first she needed to be punished”.
Without any hesitation, I sat on the bed, pulled her across my lap, and laid a firm slap on her ass.

Bang! And like that, she was fully in character!

As I alternated between firm slaps and rubbing her ass, I was getting crazy hard as she yelped then moaned with each slap, wriggling around on my lap and shifting her legs with a purr.

She was loving this and so was I.

I next told her that I was going to remind her of what a real cock was like as I threw the small vibrator to the side.

I put her on my knees and told her to pull it out of my pants, and while holding her by the back of her hair, directed her to take me into her mouth.

She was loving this! I was directing her with every move as she happily followed my instructions.

It was amazing! After a few minutes, I told her to stand up, turned her back to the bed, and the pushed her down on it.

I loved being in total control like this. When I wanted her shirt up.. I told her to remove it.

I aggressively lifted her bra to help myself to her tits and body in general.

Anything I wanted her to do, I commanded it, and she happily obliged without hesitation.

I then grabbed the ribbons and proceeded to tie her arms above her head to the sides of the bed, constantly reminding her of what a bad girl she was, and that I was going to make her cum however much I wanted as punishment.

She couldn’t get enough and would alternate between moaning and begging in response.

couple kissing while reading literotica

After she was tied up, bra pushed up and skirt hiked to mid waist, I began teasing in between her legs, constantly acting like my tongue was about to enter her, then pulling away.

Once I had her pleading for me to taste her, I’d slightly go in, and then pull away again telling her I didn’t think she was ready for it and went back up to her breasts or other places.

She was squirming a whimpering so much that it was driving me wild. Finally after one final tease, I let my tongue go in and then licked up the entire length of her pussy.

She lost it within seconds and was bucking her hips and crying out in an intense orgasm.

At this point, there is a loss in my memory of some of the details up until I went in to give her a G-spot orgasm (we had done this in the past, but this was the first time I actually did it right).

Once I found the right pressure and firmness, she was screaming in ecstasy, trying to hold it in till I commanded her to let it go and commanding her to cum hard for me.

The orgasm she had was the most incredible/beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

As the orgasm washed over her, her body went tense and started quivering uncontrollably and her face went into what I can only describe as a scream that was so intense it couldn’t get out… so she held there for a good 20 seconds, body shaking intensely and mouth open in a silent scream.

When the sound finally escaped it was more like a roar of insane pleasure and she started convulsing all over.. I thought she was going to pass out.

Again, the specifics escape me after this point… but I held to my promise.. I had her cum over and over again.

Sometimes breaking to ravish her body or to give her my cock and tell her to suck it.

At one point her binds came undone and I used this as an opportunity to “punish her for trying to escape” as I put her on her knees, slapped her ass a few times, and then went back to work on her pussy.

Finally came the time for me to go into her, she was so ready for me that she couldn’t control herself.

Bucking her hips towards my cock and begging me to enter her. I used this opportunity to tease her some more… pushing in just a little bit and as she tried to slide down, pulling away telling her I didn’t think she could handle it.

Finally after one quick pull out, thinking I was going to tease again, I pushed into her hard as she cried out.

couple kissing in jungle fiction story

I don’t think I was ever so big or so hard in my life… she also made it known to me multiple times how big I was and deep in I was going.

This is where the practice of self-control and kegel exercises started to come into play.

At one point, I told her I was going to make her cum on my dick, threw her legs over my shoulders, and drove deep into her.

The orgasm that followed was as intense as the G-spot orgasm with the added emotion you can only get from fucking… it was beautiful.

The only hard part was trying to stay inside her as her body was thrashing about.

Finally when it was my time to cum, I told her I was going to cum all over her. She cried yes as I pulled out and covered her body… It was incredible and the first time I ever came on her like that.

Afterwards, I fell next to her making sure to give her one more orgasm so as not to leave her hanging, and then just lay there next to her as she was panting, speechless and staring at the ceiling.

After she was able to talk again, all she could say over and over was how amazing it was and how much she loved it.

We made out a good 20 minutes more before finally breaking away to the shower to clean up.

The best part about this is, after this night something changed in our relationship.
Something major yet I can’t quite pinpoint exactly what it is.
We went from sex once every 2–3 weeks to fucking 4 times in 3 days.

Whenever we are with each other, we make out and touch each other like a teenage couple early in their first relationship.

She is constantly doing things to turn me on like wiggling her ass in front of me or showing off her skimpy outfits.

Every chance we get, we are making out or rubbing our hands along each other’s body.

The love we feel for each other has also unleashed. I always loved her, but the intensity has just amplified tenfold.

Her beauty which I’ve always acknowledged is now being “felt” by me, for lack of a better description.

It was like we were two souls meant for each other, inches away and knowing they were destined to touch, but not quite able to meet until that night. I don’t know why it happened after this, but I love it.

The best example of this was the day after. I can’t describe the experience and do it anything close to justice.

After hours of not being able to keep our hands off each other, we finally put the kid down for a nap and made love.

It was seriously the most sensual, emotional, loving, and beautiful sex I’ve ever had.

Also, the dynamic we established in bed that night has moved out of the bedroom, though in a much more mild form.

I don’t dominate her out of the bedroom like I do during sex sometimes now, but clearly she looks upon me as her dominant man.

Again, I can’t fully explain it, but it is like she has completely surrendered herself to me.

Emotionally and sometimes physically (Like now she loves for me to just pick her up, put her on my lap and rest her head on my shoulder while we are watching TV or whatever).

For the first time in my life, I feel like I am finally fulfilling my role as the man and I can tell she finally feels like she can let go and be all woman.

Everything is perfect and words can’t describe how happy we both are right now. (If anyone has insight as to why this happened after that night, please let me know).

I posted this because I’m hoping it inspires any couples (or singles) who were, like me, desiring to unleash themselves and become true to their desires, but hesitant to do so.

If by giving in to what you truly want, you feel even a fraction of what my wife and I feel right now, I promise you you’ll never regret it. Thanks for listening!

TL;DR: Decided to take the lead and introduce my wife to the world of bondage, domination, and fantasies(role-playing).

Her response was better than I could have expected and has had a ripple effect of intensifying our relationship both in and out of the bedroom to levels I’ve never experienced.

Thanks /r/sex for all the advice and confidence in pulling this off.”

Source: aspiring_sexpert

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Bringing It All Together

That's it, folks!

I hope you will check out Reddit and other erotica sites and you do agree now, that you will never run out of sexy stories to read! 🙂

It's been tons of fun and I wish you a passionate, orgasmic evenings 🍷

Oh…and if you want to have more orgasmic and sexually satisfied life, check out more of my guides about adult sex toys & education.

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