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Note: Reader doesnt care about my journey. They are interested how this journey will help THEM! What’s in it for me? – he’s asking. Only after his value is satisfied, he will be interested to find out the story behind the blog.

Journey to 1000 True Fans

On this blog I plan to document my journey starting from scratch to attracting 1000 true fans.


In this email list, you’ll get personal updates about the journey behind the scenes.

I will share:

  • the most impactful articles I read that month
  • the books I am reading and quotes I’m pondering
  • my struggles, challenges, wins
  • exclusive traffic data, income reports

This email list is meant to invite personal conversations and allow us to know each other better. I welcome you to reply to every email and share your experiences. And hopefully, over time we can become little accountability buddies for each other.

I’ll send you an email once or twice a month, no more. And only the highest quality stuff and biggest AHA moments. No fluff.