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best true sex stories shared by woman

Once I found my #1 source for true sex stories, I never wanted to read fiction erotica anymore.

There's something about it, when you know that the story is real, the fact that it actually happened.

The best point is how much you can learn from these real sex stories. It's not just daydreaming, you actually can apply these stories in your relationships!

It's fun to read them together with your partner.

It's a fun, valuable read that sparks discussions..

And it also serves as a foreplay as usually my girl is horny after reading those for few hours… 🙂

Win, win..!


The Best Untapped Source For Real Sex Stories

In this guide I'll focus on just one source, one community where I find all the best erotic stories…

And it is: REDDIT.

Yep. 👍

Reddit is a great community where people discuss the most sensitive topics being safe behind anonymous accounts.

You'll find the most valuable and beautiful sex stories there on all the topics imaginable…

Well, except fan fiction or probably not too much incest, as they don't really happen in real life.

I've done a thorough guide on Reddit NSFW discussions type subreddits that you can check.

But here I wanted to include 5 amazing true sex stories that you can read so you can grasp what kind of gold-mine Reddit is!

woman reading real sex story from book

Real Sex Story #1 — “How We Survived a Threesome”

From this story you can actually learn how threesome looks like, what are the challenges and how to make it happen successfully yourself!

It doesn't need to stay only as a fantasy!!

“My husband and I have a really good relationship.”

We know each other so well and have very similar needs and goals in life. Our sex life has been on fire lately.

One aspect in particular that had been receiving more attention was dirty talk regarding a threesome (FFM).

I don’t identify as straight, and although having strong emotional attachments, have never sexually been with a woman.

When I met my partner I could have gone my whole life never having explored that route and I would have been satisfied.

But once the dirty talking began, it certainly made my mind wander.

Perhaps it started with a wig, or a statement like “I wish I could fuck two of you at the same time” and it progressed from there.

Overtime it developed into explicit descriptions of what we wanted to see or do with one another + 1.

It began as something brought up during the act, and then became fuel that ignited it.

As it became more and more of a serious discussion we were more aware of the possible consequences.
Many relationships don’t survive the aftermath of it.
couple holding their hands

So we did our homework. We discussed who, where, when, and what.

We decided that to avoid any sort of relationship complications between us and the third, we would hire a professional (which is not illegal where we live).

This way we did not have to worry about it being a friend or trying to pick someone up online or in the world — which isn’t an aspect that appealed to either of us.

We both agreed that it was more important that I chose and that she checked off my boxes.

Petite, natural breasts, and if she had an alt look to her that was a bonus, although it was not a common finding.

On top of that, she obviously had to be comfortable with couples.

This was the most difficult part because many places didn’t advertise this openly.

After some disappointing phone calls, we came across one profile, and I basically made the real life equivalent of the heart eye emoji.

Brightly dyed hair, very visible tattoos and an ass that was an 11/10.

After some fumbling with setting it up, we had finally booked it, and the anticipation gutters set in.

In case the event did not go well, I did not want it to take place in our house.

I did not want to be reminded of it in the space that I live in daily.

We opted to rent a hotel room. Also a king sized bed allowed for a lot more leg room.

There were a few stipulations about when — we wanted it on a Saturday because of our work schedules.

I regularly get waxed (and don’t shave in between) so I wanted to make sure that it was recently done.

And obviously I didn’t want to be on my period.

couple telling erotic sex story

What would take place was the longest most thought out discussion.

What were our boundaries, what could each person do to one another?

We opted to treat it as a two time event with multiple stages.

Basically in the first event (which is what happened) the contact between my husband and the third would be minimal, and the contact between myself and my husband would slowly increase through the stages.

We broke it down like this:

  • Stage 1: women and do whatever, man watches, can talk but nothing super explicit or controlling.
  • Stage 2: women can still do anything, husband and wife can go to third base, no deliberate contact between husband and third
  • Stage 3: women can still do anything, husband and wife can have sex, light touching between husband and third but no penetration.

And then if that all went well we would have a second event wherein he would play more or a role (FMF).

Also there were a couple general rules — no anal play, no cumming inside her and we had safe words.

We typed all this up and handed it to the third before we began to make sure we were all on the same page (literally and figuratively).

The threesome itself was very enjoyable.

Slightly awkward at first while we got into the rhythm of things.

I came twice, my husband once, and I think she came too — that’s the only downside to paying someone, you can’t really be too certain of how much they are actually enjoying it.

But at the same time it takes away the pressure to have all three people being satisfied at once.

Afterwards we talked, shared pictures of our pets and then she left.

woman reading real sex story out loud

We lay on the bed together for a bit. I was surprised at how I felt.

Nothing felt bad, nothing felt like a boundary had been crossed. It didn’t feel like our marriage had been contaminated or was at risk for falling apart.

It felt like we hung out with someone and then they left, we just happened to have all been naked and orgasming in between.

Part of our aftercare was having a bath. So once we were home (we didn’t stay at the hotel) we had an amazingly relaxing bath and then had sex again. And it felt just as good as it did before having a threesome.

And that’s how we survived a threesome.

A Quick Summary:

A happily married husband and wife hire an escort for a threesome, have lots of discussions and rules ahead of time.

Everything goes flawlessly, couple does not break up because of threesome.”

Source: pearbanana

best sex story as a foreplay

True Sex Story #2 - Feet Massage With Ladyboner

“We were in the middle of having sex so you could say technically I already had a ladyboner but…

Whenever I receive intense clitoral stimulation, my legs have the tendency to squeeze themselves together.

I don’t really control it;

I’ll be writhing and squirming in pleasure and my legs will just constrict around his waist or his hand if he’s fingering me or his head if he’s going down on me.

Today we were having sex in missionary (my favorite😋) and it was getting so good that my legs started latching around his hips.


But then he suddenly leaned back and pried my legs apart and started fucking me roughly in that upright position, my legs spread out for him completely.

It was amazing but my legs naturally started drifting back together, except he forcefully jerked my thighs back into the spread position.

Normally I get off on hooking my legs around him (feels the most intimate and helps grind against my clit as well) but just being fucked on display for him, while he was holding my legs apart, was so primal and hot.

I think it was the combination of having his strong hands grasp my thighs and being in such a submissive position really got me off.

I love when my guy gets dominant and just stops caring about treating me delicately or being romantic.

I love it when he becomes an animal like that!

I felt like I was in a porno and now my legs are sore lmao but so worth it. Add this to the list of things that a guy can do to really drive me wild…

Later when I told him I loved that move, he was a bit surprised.

He said he had done it because he wanted to watch me being penetrated and get the full view rather than being closer up, but was glad I liked it too.

For some reason that made it even hotter, like it wasn’t something he did on purpose but rather instinctively and now knows that he should do it again.

Just wanted to share in case anyone else out there has a partner who likes it rough.”

Source: socorra

three women sharing their virginity story

True Sex Story #3 About Losing Her Virginity

“Things I learned losing my virginity (Female,20)”

This is a great story of how I feel about Reddit Sex as well. You learn so much, you still need to step outside your comfort zone…

But Reddit feels like home to get all the questions answered…and understand that trying new sexual things are okay…

And probably what you think as kinky is super vanilla to many of the members over there.

“Hey, r/sex!

I’ve been a long time lurker here and wanted to give back a little to all the young women like me who lurk this place to try to “get it right” for losing the stupid meaningless-but-meaningful V-card.

R/Sex is the place that made me more comfortable with my body and the idea of having sex on my own terms.

I’ve been debating for a long time about the circumstances under which I wanted to have sex for the first time, and decided that I wasn’t going to make it “a thing”.

Just isn’t what I want — if you want that, do it! But I met a guy, who I really like — no idea if this is a real romantic connection or what — and am so, so attracted to, and we ended up at his place watching TV.

One thing led to another and another, and we had sex.

(I didn’t mention the virginity thing — I really do believe it’s a personal choice to say something, and I didn’t feel like saying so.)

Things I learned through this experience that I didn’t expect, despite my r/sex lurking:

  • technical difficulties on both sides are more common than you’d expect,
  • positioning is more difficult,
  • and asking for consent actually doesn’t kill the mood.

He wasn’t hard enough the first time around, and I was way too tight, and so we fooled around in other ways and went to bed.

Woke up in the morning, tried again, switched positions about five times and FINALLY got it right.

For all you anxious people with vaginas out there — yeah, it hurt at first.

I do own dragon dildos, but it’s a bit different, and I totally told him to go easy on me.

Bled a little bit later on, but I’m not in any real pain and things turned pleasant after about a moment.

Your experience may be different.

couple legs shown while having sex

For all of you people wondering if someone is “right” for your first time, ask yourself how you feel around them.

Do you like the way it feels when they touch you, anywhere?

Do you feel comfortable around them — not like you’re trying too hard, just comfortable?

I was amazed at how comfortable I was just being naked around this guy.

Don’t worry too much about performing.

Enjoy yourself.

I had a good time — I wasn’t as “good” in bed as I wanted to be, I didn’t end up going down on him even though that was part of my “plan” for my first time, and you know what?

That’s the nature of life.

Shit doesn’t go according to plan.

If this is the only time I get to sleep with him, that’s fine; if I get to sleep with him again, well, that’s another chance to do the things I want to do.

At the end of the day, things went really well.

Nothing ever goes according to plan.

I’m grateful to r/sex for giving me the information I needed to feel like I had some semblance of knowledge in this area, and for giving me the confidence to have sex!

This post doesn’t have a real point to it, but if any virgins out there are still nervous about things, ask away.

Honestly, this is the place for it. 🙂

Source: throwawayPSA192

roses and books with sex stories

A Sex Story #4 About Why Women Fake Orgasms

If you've ever faked an orgasm, you'll relate.

Maybe this story isn't really erotic, but it definitely makes you think about your sexuality.

And it will for sure spark a conversation with your partner, as it did with mine!

“I know that r/sex tends to dislike those who fake orgasms — “you’re lying to your partner” “they deserve to know” etc.

And though I believe these arguments are fair, I feel as though all the emphasis is placed on how our partner feels.

No one seems to want to ask why people fake orgasms in the first place.

I feel like this is important to understand, and would kindly like to ask you to please read this to get some understanding of our side too.

I lost my virginity to my current boyfriend a little over a year ago.

I was a sexual person before that (masturbated every day or two, averaging two orgasms per session), so when I started having sex, I came every time.

One day, I decided I’d switch to oral birth control (we tried various condoms, none of them were comfortable to him, and he couldn’t come with them on.

Our country doesn’t exactly offer a wide variety of condoms either).

My sex drive took a nose dive.

We were long-distance for about 2 months when I started taking them, and by the time we started doing it again and the BC kicked in, I just enjoyed sex less, had less orgasms, and didn’t want to do it as often.

Boyfriend started initiating nearly 100% of the time, and I went from having an orgasm all the time to half of the time.

Now, my BF is a wonderful, understanding, kind person.

I love him to bits. I explained that this was because of my birth control, and he understood, but you can tell that it did hurt his ego, and subconsciously it still bothered him.

I don’t blame him.

man with hands open against the sky

Pornography has conditioned us to believe that everyone comes every time — women come several times too!

And if your partner doesn’t react that way, then you suck at sex, because hey, here’s a million videos that show you that sex is exactly like that!

Though most people realize that porn is an unrealistic presentation of sex, after being exposed to it for several years (as many people are), it’s hard for it to not influence ones perception of sex, at the very least subconsciously.

You know when you can rationally explain something to yourself, but emotionally and subconsciously it still makes you feel bad? It’s that.

Ask anyone who has a hard time coming (and that has had partners that care about their pleasure) how their partner(s) react to being told that they just can’t come.

I’ve read so many posts here along the lines of “My SO/FWB can’t come, and though they said they’re just like that, it makes me feel bad!”.

Often, our partners then either make it a mission to make us come, which just makes us frustrated, or the sex gets worse because they don’t feel as confident in themselves anymore.

So I sometimes fake it.

I fake it because after half an hour/45mins of sex my legs and vagina hurt but he insists on going because he wants to make me come even though I said I can’t.

I fake it because he needs extra reassurance that I enjoyed it when he finishes before me because he feels bad.

I fake it because he thinks that I’m no longer as attracted to him as I was before since I’m not initiating/enjoying sex as much as I was before.

I fake it because sex becomes much less enjoyable when I feel like I’m under pressure to have an orgasm, because there are negative consequences if I don’t — hurting my SO.

He, through his expression of displeasure that i cannot cum, is unintentionally punishing me — but that is punishment nonetheless.

It’s great to care abut your partner’s pleasure, but please, this is not how you do it, and far too many people take this approach.

For the love of God, if your partner says they cannot come, believe them.

Don’t be offended.

Don’t pressure them.

Don’t take it as a personal offence, because you are making sex worse for both yourself and your partner.

No one can truly enjoy sex when they feel like they’re under pressure.

Having pleasurable sex is something that requires the consent, patience, understanding, acceptance and communication/honesty of all parties.

You have the right to demand honesty from your partner as much as they have the right to demand understanding and acceptance from you.

It’s not good to be the SO that fakes orgasms, but it’s just as bad to be the SO that can’t accept that their partner cannot come, and try to force them/pressure them into doing so.

I’m very willing to hear peoples thoughts on this.

Once more: I am not supporting faking orgasms, I am simply trying to explain to people why we sometimes do it.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you a wonderful day :)”

Source: theljiljka

couple sharing story about sexual damage

A True Story #5 About Sexual Damage By Sex Worker

“I’m a sex worker.

Today, I got messaged by a guy.

A 25yo virgin wants to lose his virginity.

So after some vetting, we arrange to meet up at a hotel.

One thing gave me pause and it was that this guy is really, really physically attractive.

Stereotypically so.

Literally tall, dark, handsome.

If I met him just out in the world and he told me he modeled, I’d have believed it.

So then some of the most emotionally gut wrenching sex happened. He just couldn't get out of his head.

The best way I can describe it was like he was cramming for a test tomorrow and he already knew he was going to fail that class.

He wanted to do well so badly.

It wasn’t so much awkward as it was heartbreaking.

Eventually, after me trying to comfort him and coach him, he just got off of me, sat on the edge of the bed for a minute, and started to cry and tell me I could go.

In that moment, i felt this overwhelming sense of sorrow.

What he was feeling was so authentic and painful that I knew I had to be there for him.

couple holding hands

I scooted up next to him and held him.

He asked me to please let him go and he said he felt worthless and like a loser.

I sat there and told him that I would leave if he really wanted me to, but that I would really like if he spoke to me about what he was feeling.

At this point I was crying so I think that made him feel more comfortable.

He told me that he was raised religious, didn't say which, and that he was trying to wait until he was married for sex.

He said he was recently in a year long relationship where it eventually came up and his religious girlfriend broke up with him.

It got back to him that she did it because of his lack of experience.

He said he felt sex was ruined for him.

That it was tied to him feeling inadequate and like he wasn’t a real man with any value.

He said that everyone his age learned how to have sex 10 years ago and that he was waiting for a woman who wasn’t waiting for him.

His plan was to pay for sex.

He was going to keep going from sex worker to sex worker to build some experience but that he ended up just hating himself the entire time he was trying to have sex with me.

Before I could respond to him, he hurried and put his clothes on and left.

He gave me a very suicidal vibe and i must have called him more than 50 times. Sent like 10 texts.

I don't know why but i just felt so scared for him. Still haven’t gotten a response. I don't even know this guy and i feel so scared and sad for him.

Such a heartbreaking story.

I just want to hold on to him and tell him he's not worthless.”

Source: natalieeeeeeeeee

Bonus: Sex Story video by Comedy Central

Sometimes you would prefer just to lay back and listen huh?

Or lay back, enjoy a Tenga machine, and listen.

Then Youtube is your friend:

couple walking happily together sharing stories

Bringing It All Together

I hope you see what I mean when I say that Reddit is an incredible source for both entertainment sex stories and real sexual learning.

I wish more people read this type of true sex stories, instead of fan fiction…

Men and women would be simply more happy together…

My own sexual life has been transformed thanks to investing in the sex education (didn't imagine I would be learning about anal prostate stimulation)…

And it's been fun! It's easy!

I always say that sex is the biggest hobby we all share!

Hope you found value in this guide! 🍷

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