Tribadism 101: How To Scissor (Tips & Best Positions)

two women learning how to scissor while kissing

Learn how to scissor in a way that feels incredible while inspiring from other lesbian tips, stories and experiences.

After 20 hours of research and reviewing hundreds of forum entries, this is the one guide that will serve as perfect introduction to tribadism:


two pairs of scissors showing sex position

Introduction: What is tribbing, scissoring, tribadism?

Okay, so what is it? 

These are all fancy words, but they all mean pretty much the same thing.

It's one woman rubbing her clit against other woman's clit.

But it also can mean one girl rubbing her clit on other partner's thigh (which is a lot more common, effective and comfortable).

By the way tribbing originates from the act when many girls first learned how to masturbate by humping a pillow and noticing pleasant sensations…

So if you could get yourself orgasm by just straddling the pillow, you might enjoy tribbing a lot.

two happy lesbians scissoring

Here's the definition from Wikipedia:

“Tribadism or tribbing, commonly known by its scissoring position, is a sex act in which a woman rubs her vulva against her partner’s body for sexual stimulation, especially for ample stimulation of the clitoris.
This may involve female-to-female genital contact or a female rubbing her vulva against her partner’s thigh, stomach, buttocks, arm, or other body part (excluding the mouth).”

If you want to go into devilish details this is a great video by Stevie explaining the different terms and positions:

Which leads us to the next question…

two lesbians tribbing

Does tribbing really feels as good as it looks?

Porn makes scissoring look super attractive — but is it really so?

In porn they need to make it look visually good and tribbing or scissoring gives that.

But it really depends from you both if you’ll enjoy tribbing.

For example:

  • it depends from the size of pussy and clit…how exposed it is for external rubbing?
  • can you find easy to align position?
  • are you both hairy down there or super clean shaven? Otherwise it will get itchy fast. You need either super clean or super hairy to enjoy
  • how plastic are you? If you love yoga and are plastic it could make a difference! Otherwise the hotness will quickly turn to pain and cramps in your butt and legs.

But enough from me, here are 3 different responses from other ladies… on their thoughts on how pleasant or real scissoring actually is:

two lesbians kissing and scissoring

“I’ve heard so many people, including lesbians, say that scissoring is a myth. I can assure you, it is not. “

“Not everyone is able to get into position properly, it can be awkward, but when you fit right together and get a rhythm going it is fantastic!

The position isn’t going to be just like porn, but let’s face it, lesbian porn is usually not very accurate.”

Source: unicornpixie13

“Scissoring is not real.”

“Girl in girl-girl relationship here.

  1. Scissoring is not real. It’s just a thing from porn. You’d THINK it’d work but it’s not supppsed to.
  2. Most of the time we “take turns” giving and receiving. That’s usually the easiest way.
  3. Simultaneous pleasuring is a lil tricky, but it’s possible! You just gotta work for it 😉 I personally like grinding on a sharp area (like hip bone or knee) while pleasuring my partner. There are also sex toys geared towards women couples designed to stimulate both partners at once. Find a queer-friendly sex toy store; there’s tons online.
  4. Read “Girl Sex 101” by KD Diamond and Allison Moon. It is THE most comprehensive how-to sex book for women and people who have sex with women. Honestly, straight people should read it too. It’s like a friggin’ textbook and teaches you ALL the things!”

Source: vampirefeminist

To mix it up…another helpful video comparing scissoring vs tribbing:

women sharing how tribbing feels

“I always thought tribbing to be fake…till one day..”

“I was someone who always mocked scissoring for the longest time as the cheesiest lesbian act…

I always assumed it was just done for the sake of male porn viewers and didn’t actually provide any stimulation to the women involved.

Fast forward to a lazy afternoon with two naked ladies who’d been fucking all morning, one of whom was me.

I playfully got between my lady’s legs and began to grind against her.

I never expected it to work so well, but:

  • between the slickness of our previous orgasms,
  • the arousal at mingling our sex juices,
  • and the strategic pelvic positioning that resulted in perfect pressure on our clits…

… Made us both have insane orgasms that time and many times after.

Granted, your mileage may vary — it’s worked better with some women, less well with others, and it’s never the only sex act done in a night of sexual interaction.

But yes, it works. Surprised the hell out of me.”

Source: britbacca

lesbians showing tribbing sex positions

How Do You ACTUALLY Scissor Successfully?

Okay, now you know there is something…

How do you actually make it happen?

Prepare For The Act

For many lesbians the scissoring itself is a foreplay since it's super hot but not very comfortable.

But if you're serious you should:

  • stretch beforehand (your butt and legs will cramp up)
  • get a lube (the more wet its down there the less the friction0
  • either shave cleanly or grow the bush (to avoid irritation for the skin since you'll be doing tons of rubbing).

woman outdoors scissoring

What Are Best Scissoring Sex Positions?

Well, it will definitely take some experimenting to find the best aligning positions.

But the most comfortable and popular position for tribbing is actually the missionary!

Scissoring where women are faced opposite of each other looks great…but doesn't feel that good…

You can still have it as a sexy foreplay, but yes, the best position is missionary and it's still tricky to align both clits…

So you can take turns.

It's much easier to trib a clit on the thigh while you rub your partner's clit with hand or vibrator.

Know that tribbing is physically tiring. It will work best for plastic and physically active girls.

Which leads me to the next point…

You can cheat…and use the sex toys which will transform the whole tribbing experience!


women scissoring with double dildo

Add Double Dildo Or strapless strapon To Your Tribbing Experience!

Now we're talking about tons of pleasure and tons of fun!

Double dildo will give the vaginal penetration while you can use vibrator or your hands to rub the clit…

Or if you go really deep you can have double dildo stimulation WHILE tribbing your clits against each other…!

You should pick strapless strapon if you're looking for more of a vibrating and penetrating experience.

But let's start with a double dildo. You can always try other interesting dildos afterwards like a horse dildo.

It doesn't need to be anything fancy. For example this 13" dildo will satisfy both and will let you test the waters for $17. 

Downside is that it's jelly material (not-body-safe) so better upgrade ASAP to silicone double dong.

double penetration dildo

sexy women tribbing each other

Using Strapless Strapon For Scissoring (Vibrations + Penetration)

But here I'll just recommend the best strapless dildo with vibrator:

Tantus Feeldoe: Strapless Strap-on With Vibrator 

Okay, so this is the most famous strapless strapon from Tantus.

There are four different Feeldoe models: classic, slim, stout and more. The only difference between them is how long and how girthy it is.

The model below is the most popular one being 6" length and 4.25" girth.

tantus feeldoe strapless strapon for lesbians

You can pick through longer but thinner, and shorter but girthier models.

The reason strapless strapons are so popular is because they are being inserted in woman’s vagina + there is vibrator that will provide pleasant sensations for both sides of the couple.

Watch this helpful demo video to see how Feeldoe looks like (in the video they review Feeldoe Classic, the medium size strapon):

girls having tribbing sex

Other Women Tribbing Experiences, Tips and Positions

Read these stories to learn more on how the experience might look and feel like.

Very insightful:

“I’ve done scissoring a few times.”

“It can be great but mostly it’s just a lot of exercise without a comparable amount of pleasure.

That said, there have been a few times with the right woman that it has been great.

So I think while its rare it can be awesome.

It really depends of physical and mental chemistry.

P.S. You also have to be in very good shape.”

Source: 10malesics

“Where scissoring originates from… dry humping.”

“I’ll try to give an explanation from my experience.

When some girls start masturbating at an age where they don’t know what it means yet, they’ll straddle something (usually a stuffed animal) and press their clit against it to stimulate themselves.

A friend of mine admits to doing this and I did something similar.

This was how we learned how to orgasm, and it’s a much different feeling than direct clitoral stimulation.

We’ve had sex before and when I had a hard time getting her off, we would scissor because it’s easier for her to orgasm that way.

I haven’t been able to teach my body to orgasm through anything other than that specific kind of masturbation.

Scissoring doesn’t do anything for me, but it was perfect for her.”

Source: ALinkToTheCats

happy women tribbing from behind

“If it’s the first time you’re doing anything with a girl, it’s fucking amazing. “

“It’s a GIRL PART and it’s rubbing on your GIRL PART and OH FUCK YES THIS IS SO COOL.

And then your legs get kinda sore, and if anyone’s been shaving and not keeping up with it it gets a little itchy…

…and if you do it too vigorously you literally will bruise your pussy.

I’d put it more on par with dancing, honestly.

It’s fun and sexy more than it is satisfying.

Add a double dildo, though, and you change the game entirely.”

Source: adlibitum

“If you want to orgasm from tribbing…”

“You’d have to be a girl that gets off VERY easily and from not much stimulation to get off from that, because it just doesn’t seem like it would provide much direct stimulation.

I mean, I can’t get off grinding my boyfriend like that, even though I enjoy it (and grinding against a hard penis would provide more physical, direct stimulation to the clit than grinding against a female).

That said, I think it can be pretty hot, and I enjoy watching it in porn.”

Source: Anonymous

two women having clit rubbing

“Every woman has a different kind of vulva. “

“Some women have very small clits, some have very large ones, and the same goes for labia.

The shape of the vulva determines whether tribbing can feel good.

Some women can really enjoy it, but many others just can’t. It’s important for two women to be compatible when they try it.

It’s very popular in porn, because it allows the viewer to see the entire body of both women.

However, this is also a disadvantage: there’s no hugging and no kissing during the act, which for some people makes it less intimate than they would like.

It can also be a bit difficult to coordinate the movements.

It’s a very exhausting sex act that uses a lot of different muscles, which makes it close to impossible for many women who don’t train those muscles regularly.

And because some women get too sensitive for more stimulation after orgasm, it can leave one partner wanting more when the other is already “done”.

Some lesbian women enjoy tribbing and do it often.

Others don’t care for it at all.

Like all sex acts, it’s a very individual thing. :)”

Source: brauchen

two women sitting and  staring in sun

“Tribbing is our favorite lesbian sex act.”

“I feel like tribbing isn’t something that a lot of people enjoy, but thought I’d share my experience anyway for those who do. 🙂

Nothing feels better to me than my gorgeous woman’s clit grinding into mine.

She’s so warm, and wet, and smooth.

The experience is so intimate and sensual. I get to have her whole body against mine.

We can kiss and pull hair, she can bite my neck while I dig my nails into her back, all while being completely skin to skin.

The second her pretty lips meet mine, I’m all hers.

Nothing makes me feel closer to her than this.

I completely melt. I just can’t get enough.

I have to give her serious credit though, she rocks at being on top and knows exactly how to move her hips.

Somehow she times it perfectly so that we come together, and nothing feels better than that.”

Source: bigteethsmallkiss

lesbians scissoring in missionary position

Bringing It All Together


Whatever your stance on tribbing I hope this guide will inspire you to try it again!

While admittedly it's hard to make it work with appropriate sex toys, it won't be!

Try missionary scissoring positioning for deep emotional and sensual connection!

And try sex toys to add powerful orgasms!

Then…you can always try full-blown pegging with strapon and harness… 🙂

Have fun! 🌸

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