What Nobody on Payroll Will Tell You About THINKIFIC and TEACHABLE

This page walks you through some of the built in typography styles for this Site. Take a look!

Master copywriters like Joe Sugarman have long known about this fascinating facet of human reading behavior, and now you’ll learn about it too.

If you get people to read the first few sentences of your content or sales copy, they are much more likely to read your content or sales page through to the end.

The problem is, getting people to read those first few sentences is hard. Remember, when people visit your site, you have seconds to draw them in. If you don’t, you lose them.

The following is a blockquote:

This is an example of a WordPress post, you could edit this to put information about your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many posts as you like in order to share with your readers what is on your mind.

Now let’s check out an unordered list:

And an ordered list:

  1. Ordered list item #1
  2. Ordered list item #2
  3. Ordered list item #3

What about headings?

Headline 1

Headline 2

Headline 3

Headline 4

Headline 5
Headline 6