(Intro) What Nobody Else Will Tell You About THINKIFIC and TEACHABLE

These days more and more people are turning to digital content to learn just about everything.

In fact, online learning and digital courses have become one of the popular digital products of the decade.

E-learning market size was valued over $165 billion in 2015 and is likely to grow at over 5% rate from 2016 to 2023 to market size of $240 billion according to Global Market Insights research.

Then on the flip-side a study has been done by CollegeBoard showing that college costs are rising faster than financial aid!
And results are felt already at higher education schools where 52% of private colleges and 44% of public colleges didn’t meet their enrolment goals according to survey by the Chronicle of Higher Education!

Here’s what’s happening in plain English:

  • Traditional education is getting more expensive, while at the same time not being able to keep up with rapidly changing world
  • It has never been easier creating online courses online and explain complex topics through video than it is now
  • If 12 years ago it would have cost around $100K to build an online school, now you can do it for FREE!

If you really want to understand what this means to you and everyone else, I really recommend you reading this article by Michael Simmons, who explained perfectly why NEARLY EVERYONE should become a polymath in a modern knowledge economy.

“Jack of all trades, master of none” – has a different meaning now.

Read the article, do it now, I’ll wait!

It’s still a wild west in e-learning world and land grabs are happening now IF you’re up for the opportunity and have an expertise people would be ready to pay for!

This is Google Trends snapshot from “Udemy” in the last 5 years.

There are so many success stories:

  • Youtubers teach how to do card magic, watercoloring, physics, fitness, yoga, make money as indie musician – you name it!
  • Authors either add video content to their books, teach writing or share exactly how they successfully marketed their writings.
  • Enterprises use course platforms to teach their employees or increase retention rates of their customers by educating them how to use their platforms!
  • entrepreneurs even start niche course marketplaces themselves by unifying many creators under one roof!

Do you think this trend is slowing down?

Investors in Teachable don’t think so.
In April 16, 2018 Teachable raised $4M more money with a whopping $134 million valuation.

Nagpal (founder of Teachable) says that Teachable is aiming for a business that will generate more than $200 million in sales this year, which might not be so far off given the speed at which it has ramped up from just $5 million in 2015 to around $90 million in 2017.

Pretty exciting times, huh?

Simply put: There is a lot of money to be made with online courses, but you already know that since you are here.

Just thought to share this as a reinforcement and reminder that you are on the right path!

Why I Made This Little Website?

Marketing online and web design became my passion back in 2008.

For years I’ve been running online business in web design industry (sold it recently, site was 1stWebDesigner in case you’re curious).

It started with WordPress and I was building sales funnels, creating ebooks and selling video courses. I built this business from scratch to two million unique visitors per months at its height.

Having been around for a bit and having used hundreds of tools I can speak thoroughly about Thinkific vs Teachable.

Over years I met a lot of people, who were confused with emerging software solutions, and I admit for a while it was confusing to myself too.

Recently I talked with a friend, who’s hosting his membership site with ClickFunnels, which is primarily a funnel building software.

ClickFunnels works for membership solution, but it isn’t the best in his case. He is paying more than he should, while being able to serve his students less than he should.

That’s the problem with these softwares. They start by being experts at one thing, but then confuse people by adding additional features and making it look like their software is ALL IN ONE answer to everything.

But we know better.

We want to use the best tools for each part of our business.

We aren’t satisfied with just good enough anymore and that’s a good thing.

Truth is, there is no perfect software.

There are just right combinations of software for different people.

On this website we will be talking just about “Online Course Platforms”.

Online education is a crazy growing industry right now and many people are confused which solution to pick.

While there is deeper debate Udemy vs Teachable vs WordPress membership plugins, I will mainly focus on the battle of two heavy-weights:

Teachable vs Thinkific.

The reason is simple – I believe in 90% of cases Thinkific or Teachable will be best for you.

However there are 10% unique cases and that’s why I’ll candidly address other alternatives like Udemy marketplace type and WordPress 100% self-hosted solutions too, just to bring you the clarity.

If you’re inpatient, you can head out there right now and see what are the main alternatives to Thinkific & Teachable.

When I was doing research myself I found that there is no resource that completely covers the ground and is unbiased by comparing the best online course platforms out there.

Either companies write their own comparison reviews or reviewers compare it feature by feature.
It doesn’t matter if some of the features they compare really aren’t important. But if Teachable has blogging feature and Thinkific doesn’t you end up thinking that Teachable is better.

But that’s a flawed way to look at it.

Course platform isn’t supposed to be blogging solution, we have WordPress already for that!

Reviews you read elsewhere make you feel like you’re making informed choice, when in reality you’re making a mistake.

I guess there is an upside in all of this – you take action sooner and don’t let indecision paralyse you.

But wouldn’t you want to make the right choice from the start and save hours of wasted effort?

My Goal & Promise To You

I made this website to be the ONLY resource you need when deciding which online course platform is RIGHT FOR YOU!

My intention is to make this resource the best in the world and it will be evolving resource as the course platforms develop.

After reading through these pages you’ll have ABSOLUTE CLARITY about which platform is right for you.

Will you give yourself a permission of investing few hours NOW in order to save many hours in the FUTURE?

If you’re with me, read on.

We’ll be talking mainly about Thinkific vs Teachable, but I’ll mention candidly the main alternative paths you could go for.

Either way, you will know what you are gaining or giving up with each solution!

If you are like me, I hate shopping for software solutions probably more than you hate reading another “thinkific vs teachable comparison” (I promise I’ll make this one fun).

Truth is software companies themselves arent good at showing the bare bones info you need to make a decision! How could they?

Everyone on their payroll will incline their software is the best. They are biased by definition.

But I don’t care which solution you pick, I’ll give you all the data and let you decide.

Make The Right Decision The First Time By Thinking Long Term

I can imagine how agonising it is for you to go through this investigate process because I’ve been through it several times myself and made enough poor choices to earn my badge of honor the hard way.

Yes, you could (and probably should) use their free plan feature and test these softwares yourself.

The challenge however is that you’ll usually not use all the features from the start and will end up discovering you made the wrong choice after few months being on the road.

Sure, you can switch, but it will involve quite a bit of work:

  • you’d need to upload lesson content again,
  • rename lessons and modules,
  • set up your course structure again.

But the biggest hassle of all – moving existing course members over to the new platform and making sure they’re aware of the new login area.

If possible it’s best to start your journey on the platform you imagine being on in the longer run.

Enough with the introduction already..!

What’s that?

Let’s address the ELEPHANT in the room.

So which online course platform is THE BEST?

Well, after hours of researching and comparing it turned out there is NO clear winner.

Teachable and Thinkific are more similar than I thought myself in the beginning.

However they do have key distinctions that will matter a lot for you further down in the road of your online course teaching journey.

I really do care that you don’t make the same mistakes I did and don’t waste weeks figuring out this stuff out, so please read all the pages carefully.

I did my homework and it was horrible, digging through all the support forums to get to the bottom of things.

You don’t have to go through that.

However if you’re already overwhelmed and just want to get a quick answer and move on..

To make things easy, I’ve made the choice for you as simple as possible.

I will tell you in 2 seconds which piece of software is the best for you!

If you don’t want to go through detailed comparison, just head to the self-serve recommendation page and get a quick answer based on your case.

Let me help. I’ve been there and I’ve helped a lot of people to find a good fit!

If you believe your case is different or you just want to chat me up and have a pressing question just fill the form below and let me get you UNSTUCK!

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