What is Cuckold: Your Sluttiest Guide to Cuckoldry in 2019

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While adult movies make cuckolding look effortless, in reality it takes a bit more planning to make this kinky fetish happen. Many couples have successfully done this and you can learn from their experiences.

After more than 20 hours of crowdsourcing other people cuckold or cuckquean stories, I've compressed all the best tips in one place:


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What is Cuckold?

A cuckold is a man who gets extremely aroused from seeing his woman (girlfriend or wife) having sex with another man while he's watching it.

In this context you also need to know another term:

Cuckold bull — It's the second dominant male who joins the couple who enjoy cuckold fetish.

Usually the play looks like this:

  • a cuckold — man is watching or maybe he's even being tied, humiliated while watching.
  • a submissive — is the wife or girlfriend who's getting fucked by another man (bull)
  • a bull — commonly the woman from relationships will find the man. The bull is someone usually attractive and who doesn't mind being involved in this kind of relationship.

Now let's move to reverse version of cuckold:

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What is CuckQuean?

Here's Wikipedia's definition:

“A cuckquean generally refers to a woman whose fetish is watching a man (her man) having sex with one or several women besides his girlfriend, fiancée, wife or other long-term female sex partner.”

Yes, the same way as guys get aroused by someone else fucking their girls, some women are the same way.

A cuckquean is someone who enjoys seeing other girls enjoying her man, while still knowing she's the one in charge.

A cuckcake is the name for the second girl in this sexual relationship triangle.

If in cuckolding — there is a dominant bull, then in cuckqueaning there is usually a submissive cuckcake and the male is the dominant one.

However don't get stuck to definitions.

This is just meant to be as a guideline, not the rule.

You make and shape your own relationships, and similar to threesome where emotions are involved…

It's very important to discuss possible case scenarios and red flags with all interested parties.

Especially important is to talk about jealousy between the main couple.

But on the flipside, other people are turned on by feeling the jealousy, and they just make it work.

My advice is: take baby-steps. Don't start with full-blown cuckold / cuckquean scene.

Maybe it starts with you three just hanging out.

Maybe if it's cuckquean case: it starts with both girls making out and the man just watching.

Take it slow. The same way as during the first sex with new partner you explore and learn about each other.

It’s the same here.

If done successfully however, it can be an incredible way to add variety to your relationships.

Watch this helpful video by Matilyn where she talks about the challenges and thoughts on cuckquean, cuckold kink:

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Helpful Resources for Cuckold & CuckQuean Advice

In my opinion Reddit is the best source to talk and discuss these kind of unique sexual fetishes.

If you want to learn how:

  • 🔞 Cuckold looks like in sexual context, check this Subreddit (NSFW) for tons of quick videos and pictures.
  • 🔞 CuckQuean looks like in sexual context, check this Subreddit (NSFW). Tons of quick gif videos there.
  • 🔞 CuckQuean Community — this is a great community of both stories and real discussions with people making their Cuckold and cuckquean triangle work. Go there for inspiration and support.
  • Cuckold Community — and same thing for male focused stories, tips and experiences though CuckQuean is a much more active community.

Other People Cucquean & Cuckold Real Sex Stories & Experiences

Read them as erotica or better yet…

Notice how these couples make it work, what do they think about jealousy…

You'll notice many have already tried and enjoyed Swinger lifestyle, which does give them a lot of experience.

If you're new: remember, baby steps.

It can be an incredible experience, but it's very easy to mess it up too.

You must have incredible relationships and communication as a couple before you attempt anything like this:

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"I found out I’m a Cuckquean and here's my story"

Well, I just found out that what turns me on has a name.

Here’s my story:

I’m bicurious , but mostly into guys.

I have been married to my husband for just about 3 years, but I know him from a long time ago. He’s 29, and I’m 26.

Besides all the good traits that made me fell in love with him, there’s a physical feature that makes him special.

He’s ridiculously well endowed, I’m talking of porn like proportions, and on top of that, he is an amazing lover.

I used to tell my girlfriends how amazing he was, and I loved the comments about how jealous they were, and that sometimes their partners would not please them.

And they asking for details of our sex life, made me super excited.

Finally, one day I had the courage to propose my husband to have a threesome with a friend.

I told him that it was mostly because she was very stressed, and had been single for a long time.

She needed some relief and of course after acting skeptical and cautious — he happily agreed.

Then I spoke with my friend and told her that if she was so curious about our sex life, why didn’t she joined us for a night to see it firsthand.

After realizing I was not joking she shyly agreed.

Long story short, the night of the encounter came, and after breaking the ice with some drinks, we started fooling around.

What I enjoyed the most was to “direct” the action, instructing her to undress him, and watching her surprise face when seeing his cock.

Then the moment when my husband penetrated her, and the fact that he had to go slowly at first.

And that she thought she was not going to be able to take him made me soaking wet.

Fast forward to current times, rumors spread, and now girls approach me to get the chance to be pleasured by my husband.

I love the power that gives me that I’m the one who decides who get to fuck my husband, and the way my husband rewards me when I bring him girls he like.

My only condition is to be present, and sometimes participate a little bit while he’s with them.

I love to hold their hands and feel how they shake in pleasure when pounded hard by my man.

Sometimes I would even make him pull out of them and finish inside me, just to show them who’s in charge.”

Source: Valerocker

three people having cuckolding sex

“CuckQuean Real Sex Story”

“Hubby has had plenty of girls who start chatting but end up going nowhere or no-show for a meet up and such… SO MANY FLAKES!


He has been chatting with one girl for about a week, she’s a tad older but really understands the dynamics of everything and seemed cool with it all.

So, they went and met for lunch today.

We talked last night about what I’m comfortable with (It’s different for every girl he’s potentially meeting so we have that conversation often).

I told him: “I’d be OK with everything but full sex, so don’t go getting a room or finding a secluded spot.”

He met her for lunch today and O…M…G… I get a text pic of her giving him a huge kiss and then one of her giving him a BJ!

I was pulsating already and debating running to the bathroom to rub myself a little when I got another message……..

A short video of her blowing him and him cumming in her mouth!

Then it ends with her looking at the camera, swallowing his cum, licking her lips and saying “Is this what you wanted to see, [my name]?

His cum tasted SO good!”



I’m soaking my panties, I have 3+ hours left in the work day, 30 minute drive home, Kiddo will be there so we have to deal with homework and such then fix and eat dinner ALL while I’m thinking of doing nothing but raping my husband!


two women and man sharing cuckquean story

“How I Became a Cuckcake”

“Hey I’m Ashley. I am a cuckcake for my neighbors Brad and Jess.

The following is how I became lucky enough to be with these two amazing people.

One night in the summer, it was late and I had my bedroom window open because it felt nice out.

During a pause in the show I was watching, I heard moaning and I went to look.

My neighbors were fucking on their pool deck!

I was able to see fairly well that she was in absolute heaven.

So I’m a bit of a slut so naturally I start fingering myself.

After several orgasms for her (more than I had experienced in a session), he pulled out of her and stood up to cum in her mouth.

I knew I needed to try his cock out.

So the next day, I saw her leave and I took my chance.

two women discussing cuckold ideas

I went over to use their pool as I often did and wore my sluttiest bikini.

Brad came out after a while and we chatted before I told him that I caught them the night before.

He apologized but I told him I liked it and wanted to see if he could make me feel the same way his wife felt the night before.

The poor guy didn’t have a chance.

I took my top off, pressed my big tits against his chest and grabbed the back of his neck to make out with him.

He and I were full on fucking in a few minutes and he proved that it was not just Jess that he could make cum like that.

I left a bit later with his cum on my tits knowing it wasn’t the last time.

So fast forward a few weeks: Brad and I had been sneak fucking every couple of days and Jess seemed to have no clue.

She left on a Saturday to do a lot of shopping so, naturally, Brad texted me and I was over there very quickly.

I had previously told him how I liked to be teased so since we had time, he decided to strip us both, tie me up on their bed and blindfold me.

I was in heaven. The man is an expert with his mouth and hands.

I have no idea how long I was tied up but it felt like forever and I was soaked and begging to cum.

He started going down on me and that’s when I heard Jess whisper in my ear.

She said that she had known about me and her husband so nice just after I left the house the first time.

She told me how she liked when other women fucked her man and that she loved the taste of my pussy on his cock.

She asked if I liked that and I fucking loved it.

Brad fucked me still blindfolded as he and I made out and she fingered herself laying next to me.

She came just after me.

After that, the blindfold came off then the straps and she watched and masturbated as I fucked her husband and she jerked him off into my mouth.

I have had MANY experiences with them since and have loved every one of them!”

Source: ThirdWheel14

couple flirting and having cuckolding sex

“How a good cuckquean experience looks like for us.”

“I would get extremely turned on watching one of my boyfriends with other women.

Once, when we were both away on business trips, he messaged me to say this woman had been hitting on him at the conference, and he’d brought her back to the room.

We dirty talked about it for a bit, and when we both got back home, he tied me up and told me about it, all of the details.

We even had a girlfriend, and he would send me photos of what they got up to while I was out of town.


That said, I never felt hurt by it, ever.

I didn’t feel scared, or anxious, or anything negative about it.

There’s nothing unhealthy about it; to me, it was an exaltation of his sexual power in my eyes.”

Source: MyVoreThrowaway

three people preparing for cuckoldry

“My first year of being a cuckquean”

“I’ve always been into women, but never trusted a partner to have a threesome or anything of the sort.

I used to be fairly jealous due to trust issues caused by prior partners as well.

My husband however was different. I fully trust him, and checking out girls together was a huge turn on for me.

It progressed over the years as he began to trust that I wasn’t going to freak out on him over him being attracted to another woman, and we started enjoying porn together.

Last year when my good friend that I had fooled around with a few times moved back, I was excited to try out my first threesome when she showed interest in my husband.

I had a sudden jealousy wave at the last second before it happened, but I pushed through.

What happened during our first threesome thoroughly surprised me.

When my husband fucked me, or when she tried to get me off, I wanted to back away.

The two of them were both nervous about my feelings, so I decided to help.

I shoved her face down on his dick and backed away.

The next thing I know he’s gazing down at her, fully enjoying the moment and full attention on her.

I got ridiculously wet and started using the vibrator on myself.

I then ordered them to fuck, and ordered a few position changes.

half naked man cuckolding woman

When either would try to touch me, I would back away.

I didn’t want them in that moment, I wanted her to feel what I get to feel and for him to enjoy the thrill of a new pussy around his dick and hearing the moans he could get from someone new.

Over the next few weeks, my friend would tell me how amazing it was and how amazing my husband’s dick was.

I wanted it again, but to be even less involved. I told him I wanted just them to fuck and for me to watch.

They both agreed and we set it up about a month later.

I allowed them to just do what they wanted this time, and lay there edging myself, but not letting myself get off.

This wasn’t my time for pleasure, but theirs.

I could tell he was getting close after a while, and something came over me and I moaned for him to fill her up with his cum and he immediately did.

When she left we had the most intense sex we ever had, and had to repeat it shortly after.

We then decided to look on Tinder.

We had several matches, but nothing worked out really.

I thought our fun was going to be over for a while until a good friend I have had since school started asking me questions about the fun we had been having.

She ended up admitting that she wanted to experience it with us as well.

She’s everything I’m not. Since my first child, I’ve been overweight and no confidence.

She has the perfect body , fake boobs, and the confidence of a woman who has been paid for her body many times.

She has a few aspects that my husband has fantasized over and he is very excited to fuck her. So, it’s set to be his birthday present.

couple in public sex scene with many people

While I’m excited about that, I am almost obsessed with our current want.

He has a coworker who he has to spend a ridiculous amount of time with.

She’s older, 39 and we are 29, but has an amazing ass and outgoing personality.

I was insanely jealous to the point of us having to have a sit down talk over her, but now I need him to fuck her.

I fantasize when we fuck about him fucking her in his office, or in the car on one of their trips.

Today he talked about what he would do to her while we fucked and I’ve never cum so hard in my life.

He’s headed to a dinner with her right now, and I’m not sure how I’m going to get through the night without exploding.

It amazes me just how into this I am.

It truly feels more a “need” than a want at this point.


“Girls, would you go on a date with a guy who has a girlfriend/wife if she was into cuckquean?”

“If I could talk to her before hand, make sure that she was really comfortable with it and not being coerced, yeah I would probably do it.

But I’m already in a swinging relationship, so having sex with someone while their partner watches is already something I do.”

Source: pgyn8965

“Even though there’s potential for drama to be created here, it’s pretty hot so I guess I’d do it if the guy was attractive.”

Source: kalliroi

happy couple drinking and cuckolding

Bringing It All Together

I hope this quick introduction to cuckold and cuckquean with all the s2tories were helpful to you.

Just remember:

  • Take it slow — baby steps
  • Communication and great relationships between the main couple is the key
  • Find the right bull or cuckcake — the person you add is very important to incredible experience.
  • Talk it all through.

And after that — just have fun! 🙂

Jealousy will probably appear at first — but look past it… and you might unlock some new pleasures.

Oh, and sometimes the easiest way to started is to simply involve a sex toy (like a spreader bar to spice things up), before having actual third person come in. Like a vibrator or the best blowjob machine. 

Enjoy! 🍷

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